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Julian Bower

13 January 2019

The Enlightening: a brilliant concept, brilliantly realised by a brilliant collection of musicians.


Chai Larden

13 January 2019

Beautiful album, there's something on there for everyone. Brilliant concept!


Timo Os

13 January 2019

Just had my first listen to this new album, really impressed, quality tunes from start to finish, I will definitely be looking out for more work by Trekkah in the future.


Thomas William Marshall

13 January 2019

He's sooooo good his music is � � � � � he's a true music icon


Janette Thompson

13 January 2019

Just beautiful from start to finish. A brave and bold work which uses a mixture of languages and textures to create something truly original and utterly captivating. I'm playing this in my car non-stop at the moment and all 3 people I've given lifts to in the last 2 weeks have asked me what the album is. Wicked album. More...


Metz Genre Jnr

13 January 2019

The album launch was perfect in every way and the album was produced with true musical craft and precision.

The diversity and balance between each track was matched by thoughtful process and a LOT of hard work.

Congratulations Trekka, I can only hope that one day I might have the opportunity to bless some of your conscious sounds with my vocals.

I highly recommend this album, so much so I even bought 2.

Bless up �

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