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We help people of all ages and abilities to learn any instrument, whether your child wants to play the piano or you've always wanted to learn the violin. We're strong believers that anyone can play a musical instrument and that there's nothing more enjoyable than the ability to make music.


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14 April 2019

Mario is very kind and professional.He has a great way to deal with kids making the lesson interesting and fun every week.He has been teaching our children for the last 2 years we are very happy with his work.Kind regardsDomenica Cudemo More...


Raja Mohammadi

25 March 2019

Raja is a very experienced, patient and absolute organised Violin Tutor who knows what he's doing from the first moment!Thanks Raja


Shelley williams

4 March 2019

Lewis Kesterton is a hard working and diligent pianist who always goes above and beyond to take on and learn new material as well as taking time out to help those in need, displaying his kind and compassionate nature.As a brilliant pianist and teacher, Lewis leaves no stone unturned when addressing the needs and diminishing insecurities of his students and colleagues alike. You could not ask for a more trustworthy and positive pianist and teacher than Lewis. More...


Lukas McCabe

3 March 2019

Superb with a relative beginner looking to progress through grade 1 and beyond


London Piano Masters

15 February 2019

I have known Marwane Lemkhantar since 2010 when he enrolled to the London Piano Masters for advancing his Piano Degree with me (2010/2012) and with Prof.Riccardo Bonci in Opera Repetiteur (2011/12).Since the beginning his musicality and technical skills, together with his very kind and patient character made him a very good assistant to my lessons with others LPM students, and then a very good LPM Teacher for a long list of successful students.I can confirm he is a precious and trustworthy collaborator of the London Piano Masters, and I am very happy to recommend him for a position of piano and theory teacher on your school. More...


Jonny Royall

14 February 2019

Great tutor!!!!!! so good


Luca Rossini

24 January 2019

Easy, fast and reliable! Thanks to Teach Tutti I had the opportunity to learn the piano with an amazing teacher at an affordable prize. I would recommend it to anyone!



22 January 2019

I would highly recommend Peter. He is enthusiastic about his work. He is patient and approachable. Peter works hard to ensure his students are reaching their full potential while enjoying themselves!


Sandra Baranauskiene

21 January 2019

Daniele Jankute was my piano student since she was 9 years old. She always was a great student with perfect attitude and great preparation for every piano lessons. She always received great results from music theory and piano practical exams.Now she is an adult and ready to start her own career. I will recommend her as very polite, patient and excellent young piano teacher for preparation early piano grades. More...



10 November 2018

Liam is a calm, thoughtful and engaging tutor. He has reignited my daughter's enthusiasm for playing the piano during a period when she had lost interest in learning. Liam brings a fun element to his lessons, while covering important theory and techniques that help my daughter to play with understanding rather than through memory. My daughter is working toward her Grade 4 ABRSM exam and feels confident with taking it in a few weeks time. She and I recommend Liam highly as a piano tutor. More...


Shireen shaikh

24 September 2018

Liam is a relaxed and friendly teacher who enables my daughter to learn piano at her own pace and without too much pressure.



23 September 2018

Liam is a very kind, calm and patient piano teacher. My daughters really enjoy their lessons with him.He seems genuinely interested in what they enjoy and plans his lessons accordingly, for example, my daughter enjoyed Sound Of Music, he taught her one of the songs.I would absolutely recommend him.



17 September 2018

Liam is wonderful. My 6 year old son really enjoys his piano lessons. Liam has a fun but calm and focused approach, he really makes learning to play the piano enjoyable. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn! More...


Felicity Tarasiuk

16 September 2018

Liam is a helpful and supportive teacher. Hes has been helping me to learn the violin for a year now and every lesson is fun and different. We are working towards my grade 5 and he has really helped me with the scales, which I really hate!He comes to my house so I don't miss any lessons at school, and he is always on time. I would really recommend Liam to anyone wanting to learn the violin. He is an amazing player and is really inspirational.Jasmine More...


Alexander Samson

14 September 2018

Liam is an excellent teacher with a delightful, calm manner, he has helped our daughter come on in leaps and bounds with her violin playing.


Emma Tse

14 September 2018

My 8 years old daughter has been learning piano with Liam for just over a year. Liam has been very kind, patient and encouraging. My daughter always look so forward to her weekly piano session with him. Liam has the ability to make one feel comfortable in their ability and is always challenging my daughter to be better. I would highly recommend Liam. More...


Nina Deiana

27 November 2017

My lesson with Nina is super great.I'm quite happy with her teaching.She is doing her job profesionally and with passion. We can definitely feel it, by the way she is attentive to any details which might help to improve your technical and physical weakness in singing in order to develop your abilities to reach a good voice.Thanks to her I had discoverded and learned a lot about myself, and how to use my vocal chords and be able to sing with a lot of variations and with bringing a lot of vibration to my sound.Human, friendly, and lovely person, I will definitely recomands her if you want to reach a nice voice in short notice time.Eylem More...


Chidilim Onyechi

24 November 2017

Nina is an Amazing teacher!I've never had a singing lesson in my life and initially I was reserved, and very afraid as I feared my teacher would be too strict or unenthusiastic.But I don't think I could have a better teacher than Nina. Our lessons are planned very well, she is an amazing singer and just as an amazing teacher, everything is well explained and although the progress depends on me, I'm not sure I would be doing so well had I been taught by somebody else.5/5! Very satisfied More...


Natali Yaroshevska

16 October 2017

My name is Nada. I am the mother of Gwynant year 11. Natali was Gwynant’s piano teacher in 2015/16. Natali prepared Gwynant for grades 2 and 3. He achieved merit and distinction. Natali is a fantastic, dedicated teacher and also a lovely carry person with students and also with parents. We missed Natali when she moved on. I would highly recommend Natali as a piano teacher. My son and I wish Natali the best in the new working place. Your students are very lucky to have Natali as a teacher. More...


Yavini Chetty

11 September 2017

Luke Fraser has taught my daughter piano for the last six years. Luke is a notable teacher, who has an extraordinary ability of balancing both the theoretical learning of music, whilst also encouraging my daughter to enjoy her playing. As a result, my daughter feels motivated and inclined to play the piano out of a true joy for music. She has progressed to taking grades, and Luke's belief in my daughter's ability (strengths and weaknesses has given her great confidence). My younger daughter is starting piano with Luke at the start of the academic term. We are absolutely delighted to have found such a dedicated teacher, who clearly enjoys teaching, and who inspires young children to engage with music. More...


Katy Gilhooly

2 May 2015

Delighted with Teach Tutti. I bought a block of piano lessons as a birthday present for a friend. He had a great time learning with his teacher and has continued into regular lessons. Would definitely recommend!

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