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Independent Graphic Designer based in Plymouth. Experienced in creating logos and designing for web and print.

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Storyconnect Reviews

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Storyconnect Q&A

Storyconnect Q&A

What makes a great website?

A great website takes your story and tells it well through design, content, and feel. Great websites fit with the style of your brand, and will be accessible on all devices.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What are you trying to communicate? What style are you trying to achieve? Who is your target audience?

Describe your creative process.

1. Drink some coffee.
2. Read proposal & chat through together.
3. Identify key needs/brand messages.
4. Come up with some basic ideas.
5. Talk through basic ideas with the client.
6. Produce the finished work.
7. Make any changes needed!

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing your ideas come to life through graphic design!

What inspired you to start your own business?

The freedom to work with a wide range of clients and on projects that intrigue me!


The Company Sings

The client needed a graphic designer to create a logo and branding along with website and marketing materials for a new business venture. After meeting with the client face-to-face, I crafted a number of logo designs, which we then took forward into the finished design. The website is built on Wordpress allowing easy content management, and has been linked to the client's Instagram feed to allow them to push new photos to the site on a regular basis.

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