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snap-marketing is a unique and potent mix of creative & strategic marketing expertise that delivers effective communication solutions built on the solid foundation of joined-up marketing strategy and creative implementation that will help your business flourish. Well we believe its all about getting your foot in the door – hence our strap-line. If marketing is failing to deliver more sales (in volume or value) or more sales enquiries for you, then your marketing is not working however pretty it looks.

We know that anyone can create pretty stuff – web design, printed collateral – but it needs to work as well. The work you will commission from Snap will be pretty if it needs to be, but most of all it will be effective. It will be creative in the widest sense of the word, to draw attention to your brand proposition, always with the focus on getting your prospects to take action.

We also want to make a difference, and we believe that that’s all about trust. Our customers are experts in what they do – we are experts in marketing, website design, graphic design, branding. Our customers know this and trust us to we deliver. You can ask them if you want.

Snap Marketing Q&A

Snap Marketing Q&A

What makes a great website?

Here’s some pointers that might help you in this process.
Is your current website design mobile friendly?
Having a responsive website is absolutely non-negotiable today, especially if you are targeting the consumer market – read our blog article about Mobile Friendly Website Design.
Does your current site use flash?
Flash is outdated web technology and as its not supported by most handheld devices and this will alienate a big part of your target market.
How long does your site take to load?
If the site uses older code, it may be too slow for both your visitors and Google. Visitors now insist on quick page loads or they will bounce, and Google will actively penalise you in search results if your site is too slow to load.
Can you create and edit content yourself?
Or are you relying on an expensive web design agency who handle maintenance for you? Good content management systems are universally available now, and with no techie expertise you can keep your content up to date and relevant.
OK, the website design is tired, what next?
Trends in Website Design
There is a current trend, driven by mobile, for long scrolling pages, with hero sliders and parallax feature strips. While this type of web design works well for mobile, it can be tiresome on a PC. Be aware of your target market. Are they predominantly desktop users or mobile visitors? Your Google Analytics will tell you this split – if your audience is mobile oriented then consider a design that’s better for mobile. If not, specify the new design must cater for desktop users.
Content is King
The content on the website is as important as the design and build. Content needs to be engaging and informative – it provides value to your visitors and Google is expecting it. Also content needs to be updated regularly. Read our blog about the importance of content marketing
Think about what you want your visitors to do – and ask them to do it. Web content needs to convert, and needs to include clear ‘calls to action’. Simple online brochure websites have really had their day. Align your website design and content to your business goals and generate proper value from the investment.
Make site the website is properly optimised for the Search Engines – Google. Good, structured SEO will help the search engines find and index your website for keywords relevant to your business’ products and services.
Google Analytics is an essential tool for every website and is free. Its important to track the performance of your website relative to other marketing activity. You can track visitors, who they are where they come from, measure ROI from pay per click, track activity from social media marketing.
Google Webmaster Tools is also a really useful tool and provides you with extensive reports about your websites visibility online.
And lastly make sure that you capture emails of visitors, so you can engage with them in future, and to share all your new content, news, and blogs on relevant social media.
Read our blog and learn seven more ways to make a success our of your new website design

Snap Marketing Reviews

Snap Marketing Reviews

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Snap Marketing

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Google Reviews of Snap Marketing

Google Reviews

Review of Snap Marketing by Tim Embleton
1 month ago

Time Financial Planning
Branding – Financial Services
I used Debbi at Snap as a sounding board for my own ideas and found that suddenly there was so much additional creativity that I could tap into. If you need ideas for your business marketing then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Snap. Thanks for all your help and advice Debbi!

Tim Embleton
Review of Snap Marketing by Andrew Port
9 months ago

Really helpful, easy to work with and produce excellent creative work - whats not to like!

Andrew Port
Review of Snap Marketing by Joe Joyce
1 year ago

Top marketing and design agency in the UK - really helpful in helping me develop our online marketing strategy even though we are based in the US.

Joe Joyce
Review of Snap Marketing by G L Print Ltd
1 year ago

Great guys for Website Design, Marketing and Graphics

G L Print Ltd
Review of Snap Marketing by Amanda Tarbart
3 weeks ago

“The team at Snap Marketing provided us with a knowledgeable and professional service. The graphics service was outstanding as was the general creative direction and practical implementation. They were receptive to our requirements, then listened and responded to our feedback. The team were great to work with and were focused on getting the best results for our business. They talked us through each step and we felt fully informed throughout the whole process.”

Amanda Tarbart - Sales and Marketing Manager, Renzacci UK PLC

Amanda Tarbart
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Innovation Centre, Norden House, Basing View, Basingstoke RG21 4HG, UK

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Graphic Design

Looking for a graphic design agency that delivers style AND substance? Producing stand-out graphic design that actually works, is not something that happens by accident. It’s not just about creating something that looks stunning. It’s all about really understanding your target audience, grabbing their attention, and then make them take action. Its about “getting your foot in the door”. This philosophy, built on a unique a blend of creative and marketing experience, sets Snap Marketing aside from our competitors to make sure your marketing messages are “on message” Creative graphic design that makes your brand stand out So whatever your graphic design needs are, come and talk to us. Snap Marketing will help you refine your sales proposition and translate it into print and/or digital media to develop the perfect combination of sales collateral and marketing materials for your business. So, whether its direct mail to generate sales leads, or sales literature, brochures and company reports to convey product or corporate messages, we’ve got creative and graphic design services that will blow you and your customers away. Are you ready? Contact us now

Website Design

The Importance of the Customer Experience We believe creative website design coupled with logical navigational and usability is crucial to your customers’ experience. But before a single line of code is laid down, the key to getting this spot on, is strategic thinking from the outset . From our initial meeting through to delivery, the website design and development process will be tightly linked to your business strategy, product proposition, target market and the specific objectives of the website. Right from the start, we’ll be discussing the need to achieve perfect rendering of your website across both desktop and mobile platforms using responsive website design. Our sites are tested rigorously across the majority of popular browsers. Joined-up Digital Marketing Snap Marketing will develop internet marketing strategies from the ground up that empowers your brand to engage with customers, build loyalty and grow profits. Right from the start we are thinking about integrating the mechanics necessary to achieve good rankings in the major search engines and to embed this thinking into the creative website design and development process. So clients who take on our SEO services tend to enjoy top positions. At Snap, not only do we have the developer tools from PHP, HTML, Drupal, Joomla and ASP, but we know how to ensure that your website is the most effective use of your budget.


All businesses need a sound strategy for their brand that can translate their product or service ideas into sales by making that crucial positive first impact as a foundation for future growth. A brand needs to be brought to life for your customers, through a sound branding strategy, to mean something about your business in order to differentiate your products from the competition. Corporate Branding is best tackled by deploying a variety of integrated marketing skills: Research, strategy, creative development, graphic design, copywriting and implementation. Branding involves more than your logo, branding is about the total customer experience. That’s why it needs an integrated approach. Are you ready? Contact us now

Exhibition Design

A strong brand presence is vital at any event/exhibition, and at Snap Marketing we are experts in coming up with eye-catching exhibition design and marketing tricks to make you stand out from the crowd. Integrating Exhibition Design and Media A well executed and creative exhibition design is not always enough and we will help you incorporate all the different media; the structural aspects, technology, creative images and supporting media, to breath life to your products; giving visitors a great experience and improved brand perception.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing has entered a new age. Those prospects you are targeting have never been in a better position to control the deluge of daily communication from your competitors and all the other hustlers. Its easy to filter emails, but all is not lost – here is still plenty of scope to communicate via printed materials and this can differentiate your offering if everyone else is hitting the email trail. Backed up with targeted telesales and you might just be surprised with the results. Targeting with Direct Marketing Whether you are targeting business (b2b) customers or consumers, direct marketing can deliver results. Choosing the right communication method is vital. Businesses can be more receptive to receiving sales calls than consumers, and while email marketing is the current trend, old fashioned snail mail can generate some surprising results. The key is in proper targeting and relevant messaging.

Strategic Marketing

All businesses need a sound strategy for their brand that can translate their product or service ideas into sales by making that crucial positive first impact as a foundation for future growth. Your brand needs to be brought to life for your prospects, to mean something about your business in order to differentiate your products from the competition. Getting more business, from the right customers means raising your business’s profile. This needs to be tackled with a variety of integrated marketing skills: Research, strategy, creative development, graphic design, copywriting and implementation. That’s why it needs strategic marketing, an integrated approach and a plan. The power of the plan At Snap, most marketing projects we get involved with benefit from a strategic review. This will examine the product positioning and target market, before any recommendations are discussed about planning or execution. Only by understanding the customers needs in detail can the correct marketing tools be selected and executed as part of an integrated marketing plan.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing defines all that encompasses all the activity that will drive visitors to your website through the internet, whether its via SEO (search engine optimisation), Pay per Click advertising or Social Media Marketing. The starting point for all these activities is the product positioning process and rigorous keyword research. At Snap Marketing we take a holistic approach to search engine marketing where the objectives are to improve visitors to your website through the internet. There is no one activity that can be done in isolation and we recommend a mix of internet based marketing activities that work together to drive the right traffic to your website.


Snap Marketing can help you with any outbound marketing communication that needs a creative idea. And this includes all kinds of advertising services, whether in in the press; consumer or trade, local or national, on posters, radio, classifieds to mention a few. We have in-house expertise in all aspects of the marketing mix and bring real hands-on commercial experience; our method is practical, and meticulously planned. And our prices are competitive. In today’s economic climate, all our advertising services have to be! To make things happen within budget, at Snap Marketing we have to be just as creative on the production side of things: at Snap Marketing we pride ourselves on being scrupulously attentive to the minute detail at each stage of production, paying attention to the detail so you the client doesn’t have to!

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