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The secret to taking a great photograph is in capturing a moment, a glimps of love, joy or happiness. It is not capturing a well constructed pose, created by the photographer. The people I photograph are the only ones who can create that moment through being themselves and feeling comfortable with their photographer.

I love capturing people as they are. Their fun, laughter, enjoyment, all those moments that are so hard to remember if it is not captured there and then. I love bringing out peoples beauty and for them to see themselves the way the world sees them.

I love creating (anything!) and I love people. When I first got my camera and was taught some valuable lessons, I discovered the joy in capturing the moments that matter the most.

When you hire me, you don't just hire a project, you hire a character too. I am bubbly, fun and outgoing, and am able to put people at ease and allow them to be themselves. I always aim to produce high quality products and have an eye for detail. Besides all of this, I am not scared to admit mistakes if they happen (and they can happen a lot in photography!).