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All aspects of home renovations undertaken.
10+ years experience in fitting
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Since i Was 17 i started as a plasterers labuorer and when i was able to plaster i moved into renovations and learned all aspects of fitting kitchens and bathrooms

All work has a 2 week cooling off period where the customer can find any little snags that need doing and as soon as they have made their list i will be around to put them right.
Any major issues should they occur will be put right immediately
and any sort of guarantee the customer would like can be arranged at the quotation stage

when you do a good job, the customer is happy and they recommend you.
in this game its so easy to get a bad reputation.
No one trust builders so when you get good reviews and people tell their friends it makes it all worth while

I worked as a laborer for a few years and decided when i was good enough to go it alone i would

Customers should always go with who makes them comfortable and who they believe to be genuine my work speaks for itself