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We are a small team of tradesmen plumbers joiners and builders who have worked together many years and who are used to working as a team .
We carry out bespoke work from inception ie design to completion .
Our ethos could best be described as do it right first time the old adage measure three times cut once to quote our joiner.


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Micheal newman

21 January 2019

The guys from saltire built a two story extension on my house and were from start to finish a great bunch of guys nothing was too much bother.
A first class job and we finished up very close to our planned budget with few extras counted in it worked out well.
Tidy workers and punctual great workmanship and personal service .
I would have them quote me for any future work .


A garage is essentially a square or rectangle ,take a basic height xbreadth xlength add in insulation requirements flooring and ceiling ,subtract that and yourleft with actual room dimensions.
Then look at utilities and the position and access to water gas electrics and the customers needs then from that plan the layout .
The other factors will beproximity of other propertiesforlocation allowance of windows etc and also car parking if removing a garages primary use.

Initially empty garage ,then commence work ,carry out any lintol requirements for windows and doors,then begin building work to said areas always leaving allowance for ingress and egress of men and materials.
Start installing timber kit walls and flooring ,instalation of first fix plumbing heating electrics .
Then the second fix ,somegarages require roofing work others not .
Then carry out finishings .
Most conversions require a building warrant though not all are subject to planning requirements.

The best way is to call in a qualified professional and seek their advice
As a prime example if you have no plans submitted for planning permission or a building warrant submitted expect a 3/4 month wait before you can begin thats if it progresses smoothly through application.
Most lofts do not require planning just a building warrant if you do not build out of the roof ,the same roughly applies to garages depending on their location in relation to the house .
As for extensions planning permission and warrant is needed unless its under 3x3metres generally ,there are variations its always best to get confirmation in writing from your local planning and building warrant authorities.

We have been in construction since 1979 and have worked in the private and commercial sectors on small medium and larger scale projects.

All our work comes with a two year guarantee and if asked a further period of indemnity is available on larger projects.

We are all tradesmen who take time and pride in our work and when the work is done its important that the experience has been great throughoutas well as the finish.

Really just a collaboration and the enjoyment of working alongside good people on interesting and varied jobs And being in charge of the quality.

We are good at what we claim and do and our prices are competative and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our attention to detail.