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10 April 2019

Mark could not have been better! we had a major roofing emergency - storm damage, and Mark was able to effect a fully effective temporary repair till the weather improved enough for him to get up and do the full job! Thanks



23 February 2019

This was exactly what i was looking for thanks so much for your hard work and offering such a affordable price new roof looks fantastic i can now enjoy sitting in my garden thanks



21 February 2019

Realy happy with the quality of finish and price was affordable i will be recommending to friends and family



4 February 2019

Great job really happy with the out come the price was also affordable i was pleased with the speed of scaffolding removal the next day highly recommend this company



27 January 2019

I called regarding water i had running down the walls in my bathroom and thru the sky light it was quiet worrying as it was raining heavy at the time mark the owner came to my property in 1 hour and carried out a quick inspection on flat roof and explained it was time to renew flat roof at some point due to age there were numerous cracks and defects but suggested a repair fix for now so that i was watertight and that he would email me a quote to renew flat roof.Thanks for everything brilliant service i will recommend. More...



25 January 2019

MJ Roofing were excellent i called regarding a leak to my property originally which mark the owner suggested was due to faulty guttering this problem was rectified immediately with know further leaks occurring was also looking into painting & decorating quotes while mark was here he pointed out that MJ Roofing carry out painting and decorating works so i gave the contract to MJ Roofing and the have done a fantastic job for for the price always on time and mark the owner kept me up to date on a day to day basis I was really impressed by the quality off work plus the attention to detail i recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality service.



23 January 2019

I highly recommend MJ Roofing to any one requiring a quality roofing service my new flat roof and lead works look great and price was affordable. Thanks for your hard work good luck in the future. More...



22 January 2019

great job installing new ridges and copping stones i will be recommending MJ Roofing to friends and family great price and service all works went according to time and plane they even offered me a small refund due to the fact they finished works ahead of time.



17 January 2019

All works went according to plan and finished a day early mark and his team seemed very competent in what they were doing and the finish to the new roof looks great and is watertight they left my property clean and tidy.i was even offered the left over materials from works carried out which was a great gesturei will be recommending MJ Roofing to friends and familyThanks More...



17 January 2019

Mark the owner of MJ Roofing came to my property at very short notice to find the source of a leak i had coming into my property via the roof.The problem was a hole in valley area which Mark located very quickly and repaired it instantly at a great price. since repair it has rained several times and i am completely satisfied i am watertight great job i can tell this is a company with great experience in roofing highly recommend MJ Roofing. More...



26 November 2018

New Guttering & Facia Boardsfirst of all i would like to thank mark and his team at mj roofing for all there hard work and doing a great job installing new gutting and facia boards looks fantastic compared to the old original ones all rubbish etc was cleared away leaving my property clean and tidy and i would definitely use this company again and will be recommending using this company to friends and family in the future found pricing very competitive and was given a guarantee for works carried out thanks again.



25 November 2018

I found mj roofing very easy to work with very polite and respectful to myself and family with all aspects of work to be carried out explained in full detail and photographs from start to finish I was even offered a small discount on final invoice due to works finishing ahead of time planned which impressed me it was a small gesture but it was the thought that counted to me I highly recommend my roofing to anyone that requires a roofing service great job guys



14 October 2018

M J Roofing were brilliant from start of job to finish i have had a leak to my flat roof for a couple of years i have had a few roofing contractors in this time to try and rectify this problem all have failed apart from m j roofing who have solved the issue mark the owner was very polite and respectful i would recommend this company to any one looking for a good reliable roofing contractor