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REM THE BUILDER is a well-established company working in Walton;Liverpool and the surrounding area. Having completed many successful projects, we have the experience and the expertise needed to realise the construction or renovation project of your dreams!


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18 April 2019

I hired this Remi to do a full refurbishment on my property for 15K with a list of agreed jobs in writing. He walked away after having taken 4.5K of my money and not a single job in the list completed. Be aware! More...


Alex Parker

22 January 2019

Fitted new kitchen

Done to a good level and even offered advice for other DIY alterations I was doing around the house with no extra cost.

Highly recommend



1 August 2016

Bathroom remodel, competitive price and listened to requirements. Friendly service. Only negative was job took longer than expected due to other commitments.


Every building can be converted to anything and everything! Depending on customers requirements, time and money

Everything depend on customers requirements!
Everything are Possible!

If you really wonted - then you can it suitable !

investigation, decision making, believing in builder, enjoying

I'm in this business for over twenty years, working in more than 17 Countries

my reputation and public liability insurance for one million pounds

challenge and process him self , especially after completing - customers reaction :)

Experience and smile on customers faces after completion

honesty (working without cutting corners), my experience in nearly all building trades allows me to achieve better quality in shorter time and keeping costs down