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For various phobias, anxiety, depression etc
Qualified for advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy through Essex Institute Clinical Hypnosis in 2005 also trained in use of Hypnoanalysis
Briefly, Hypnoanalysis uses various techniques to allow the subconscious mind to reveal the original cause of the problem so that, working together, the client and therapist can understand and resolve the origin of the problem rather than just treat the symptom & I have experience in handling and dealing with physical and mental injuries, anxiety, stress and various phobias.


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Tegwen Talbot

9 June 2019

Cured my right shoulder pain


Catherine Hayden

9 June 2019

I have been trying to give up smoking for 2 years. without success a good friend of mine told me about Hypnosis which she found herself to be helpful. She Found Michael to be very helpful and knowledgeable and also friendly person. So I booked my first consultation with him and Wow what a difference I have given up smoking. I would recommend Michael to my friends and family. Catherine Hayden More...


I love the fact that I am able to help clients with their everyday problems, medically, physically and emotionally

I was persuaded by very good friends of mine whom I have helped in the past

I have a lot of previous therapy and life experiences to offer along with an understanding of what is required to facilitate a good result for my clients