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Hello , I offer the following treatments to assist you with the day to day living, in our ever changing world~

- Reiki Seichem Treatments
- Crystal Healing Experiences
- Sound Healing Transformations
- Theta Healing Sessions

I am a forth generation healer who is following her calling to assist others lead more healthy and fulfilling lives.


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I LOVE and am passionate about helping people improve their energy levels whether on a physical, emotional, mental or Spiritual front. I am humbled to witness the continued positive changes that occur when people step off the couch or stand up from the Monochord singing chair. These treatments look at the whole of client and not just the symptoms or desired outcomes presented.

There came a point in my life where every part of me was shouting 'yes' to do this.

I am a natural, people feel the love and respect that comes through as a way of communication, which the body's intelligence knows what to do with. The feedback I receive is that my approach is very calming and nurturing. A lot of compassion and empowerment comes through to shift the energies that are experienced.