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PF3M Consultants UK Ltd is a boutique market research, Insights, and marketing management services consultancy that specializes in helping clients structure and develop marketing plans, activities, and transform insights into actions, through market research.


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The variety of jobs and roles that I undertake - from basic rolling up my sleeve, of conducting field market research (mystery visits, interviews, CATI) to programming software for research, to helping to finalise the setup for an event to looking at the big picture, strategically and from an overall business perspective.

Excitment of not knowing what the day will have installed for you, no 2 days are alike. A very huge challenge starting your own business.

I am passionate about every job I take, whether it is a couple of hours work or a couple of months work, I embrace the company ethics, and brand, and become an extension of the client.



Quantitative Online Market Research - Customer Satisfaction, Employee Engagement surveys, that are done anonymously abiding by the rules and regulation of ESOMAR.

Developing a marketing strategy plan and rollout, covering everything within a 360D spectrum - including internal and external communication plan and rollout. Specialist Areas Marketing Plans and Expenditure budgets Digital Marketing and Social Media Direct Marketing and Lead Generation

Event Management, planning, execution and participation