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Peppermint is a digitally focussed strategy and creative agency. We have worked client side and agency side so know the ropes. We're obsessive about great work and great results.

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27 September 2019

Peppermint are meticulous in their approach, they really took the time to understand our business and
what we were setting out to achieve. Their customer focused approach has been a breath of fresh air. Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work. More...

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We like to keep things simple - a customer focussed approach built around the business outcomes you need.

We start by working with you to understand the goals for the overall site and each of its pages and then work back to define the right customer journey to meet them.

Our view is that there are far too many websites built around over-engineered navigation and unnecessarily complicated structures.

So customer first and outcomes focussed is our mantra.

We like to answer six key questions before we start work.

If you can answer them immediately then that’s great, but if not, we would work through them with you.

There are three key business questions:
1. What are you trying to achieve and by when?
2. What is the business context - your current position and your key competitors?
3. What does success look like?

And three equally important practical questions:
1. What are the timings?
2. What is the budget?
3. Who are the key decision makers?

Easy - we love to solve business problems for our clients. And the trickier and knottier the problem, the more fun we have solving it.

We are a small, highly enthusiastic team with expertise in strategy, design, web development, and digital marketing.

We are down to earth and pragmatic but obsessed with finding great answers within the budget.

We’re all about teamwork, both internally and with you and your team.

No prima donnas here at Peppermint, ever.

We launched Peppermint to be the agency we dreamed of hiring when we were client side!

We know from years of experience that good ideas cost the same as bad ideas. There are too many agencies not focussing obsessively on the outcomes their clients need, worrying instead about the niceties not the necessities.

We are obsessed with pay back and everything it takes to deliver that - from the right strategy through to the smallest executional detail.

We offer smart, strategy driven creative solutions for big and small projects.

We are results oriented which is why owner operators love to work with us.

We are small and nimble, so cost effective business partners.

We are highly experienced with years of experience both client and agency side, which means that there aren’t many marketing problems we won’t have faced before.

We will always spend your money as if it was our own.