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O‘Neill Home Improvements Is a family run business. Our company offers quality home improvements such as kitchen/bathroom fitting, joinery, electrical, plumbing and much more. For more information visit our website.


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The most satisfying parts of my job is delivering a service that a customer expects, the services my company provides allow us to create kitchens and bathrooms with the customers vision and at time with our own designs. What makes all the hard work worth while though is that our customers are happy with our quality of work.

I have been in the building trade since I was 18 years old, I have always had an iffinity with building things since I was a kid. Through my time gaining experience in a range of projects IncludIng the renovation of several flats and participating in the development and build of several houses it was crucial to keep those skills going, this is when I decided to create O’Neill Home Improvements.

O‘Neill Home Improvements offers high quality work at a fair price. We cover most builder skills and trades. Whether your job is small or large, quality workmanship is what we offer. We understand that your home is extremely valuable both financially and emotionally. We have a lot of experience working with customers and taking care of their needs.

It takes years to build up the experience and confidence to tackle difficult jobs in a range of trades. Most of our men are trained in a particular trade and have branches out to encompass others while maintaining a high quality of workmanship. We take pride in our work and stand by our finished product.

We offer a service that in these days can be quite unusual. We turn up on time and we work on your job until it’s finished. We do not have our men working on three separate jobs trying to pull an hour to finish yours. We give a dedicated service until the job is complete.

We have built up a level of trust with our customers and most are very happy to leave us in charge of their homes while they are working, or even on holiday. This is a credit to our care and we are proud of the level of trust that we have built with our customers.