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We have locations in Fort Lee and Englewood!

*In-home personal training available.
*Outdoor training in a public location available. No equipment needed!
*Financing/Credit option available for Training Packages

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30 June 2019

Before I met Gil & Trinnie I used to go to the local gym and just train mindlessly on my own. I wasn't getting the results I wanted and I eventually hurt my lat pretty bad from doing things in the wrong form. This is when I decided to take things more seriously. I read a dozen reviews of different trainers online and NBI Fitness really stood out from the rest with all five star reviews and the reasonable rates they offer. Getting started was easy. I scheduled an in-person consultation with Gil, we went through some questions, he took my measurements, calculated my caloric needs and made a plan for me based on my goal. Training with Gil and Trinnie is fun and rewarding. They are both super personable, knowledgable and encouraging but they will also give you that push to become better and stronger. They explain each exercise and the areas of the body it is for and most importantly how to do them correctly to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness. Also big thanks to Gil for always been so accomdating to my dynamic schedule!I enjoy and look forward to each training session and I would highly recommend NBI Fitness to anyone who is interested in fitness! More...


Ayesha Cruickshank

22 May 2019

I have been struggling since I moved last yr to NJ. NBI fitness is the first thing that was worked for me. They are extremely invested to your goals more than anything they keep me motivated. My bae says this most change he has seen me do. I feel better I had no problems on vacation walking 20k steps a day because they trained me to get there. They have become an important part of my week inn a short time! I cant wait til i reach my goal and I know I will because they are there to push me beyond my limits. More...


Steven Agudelo

22 May 2019

Gil is great, he is very knowledgeable about weightlifting and helped me get stronger in my lifts. Definetly recommend him?


Sarah La

20 May 2019

If you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and want results - then I highly recommend Gil and Trinnie. They are really AMAZING personal trainers. To start off, I first heard about them through a friend who was training with them - she had great results, so I decided to give them a try. It's been 3 months of training with Gil and Trinnie and I'm already a lot stronger, know how to use some machines properly, and can even do pushups now LOL. They really take their time correcting your form and challenge you to beat the amount of reps you can do (sit ups, lunges, squats etc). Thanks to them, I can squat, deadlift, and have built up a better running stamina. You won't regret signing up for classes with Gil & Trinnie SO DO IT!!!!! More...


Mariae Kim

20 May 2019

I found Gil and Trinnie through another friend who went to them because she had such amazing results! I started off being only able and thinking I can do 40lb hip thrusters to doing 100lbs as well as being able to squat and deadlift my own weight. I wasn’t able to get to my goal weight as much as I’d like because my lifestyle with work just made it difficult but that was totally on me. If you can follow the low carb, high protein diet and submitting your goals daily it’ll help to keep you on track. They’re both personable and make every workout interesting so that you’re always trying to push yourself. Overall, I definitely got stronger through these workouts and gave me a routine and something to look forward to each week. I’m also able to do a lot more at the gym myself than I did before. Highly recommend! More...


Fawad Khan

27 April 2019

Gil is excellent! I’ve lost 45 lbs in 5 months working with him and gained substantial strength and definition! Highly recommended.


Fawad K.

2 April 2019

Gil has been fantastic! Went to him on a recommendation from a friend whose results I was impressed by. After a decade of being overweight since college and having tried numerous times myself, I decided to get serious and get a trainer. Within 5 months of working with Gil, I reached my goal weight and dropped 45 lbs! On top of that, strength grew tremendously. Went from getting exhausted at the thought of a pull up to doing 10 pull ups in a row with ease. Muscle definition and size has grown quite a bit and clothes fit much better now. Dropped 5 waist sizes on my pants and when from a size L/XL to a S/M. It feels good trying on slim fit clothes and they fit well. All my friend and family has been commenting on how much weight I lost and how much better I look. Highly recommend Gil and have been recommending him to everyone. More...


Z M.

2 March 2019

These guys are truly the best. Not only do they care about training, but they also take the time to make sure you're eating well & feeling well. I trained with Trinnie & she was very dedicated and thorough. She also has lots of knowledge & knows how to make working out fun. Gil is also great - together they make a wonderful team. More...


Jason K.

23 January 2019

Trinnie and Gil are great.  My wife and I have been training with them twice a week since last Aug and I've lost 10 LBS so far.  The training is no cakewalk (extremely rigorous), but you're rewarded with positive results.  Gil also gives you advice on eating habits daily via app use.  My 5k run times have dramatically improved with the training.  Highly recommend. More...



27 May 2018



Angela Pak

27 May 2018

Gilbert and Trinnie are amazing. I've been with them for a little over two months now and I'm starting to feel myself changing. I am so glad I found them and I guarantee anyone who wants to try them out will not be disappointed. More...


Lina S.

16 October 2017

Its my second time to write a review because Gilbert and Trinnie are better than the best! My husband and I really enjoy each session. They know so much about how to build the body muscle and have thousands of ways to "torture" us:) They also give the recommendations/suggestions on our daily food, which make us think we are taken care in every way. The best one on one experience!! More...


Jonathan H.

15 October 2017

NBI Fitness beats me up on the reg. Hahaha I started in August and had a body weight and strength goal to achieve. I had recently sprained my wrist and ankle. I also had a newborn so had no time to or energy to help myself recover from my injuries. When I first met Gil, the owner he sat down with me to formulate a personalized diet and workout plan. He made sure to acknowledge and adapt every workout with alternatives so that I could increase the weight load on my injuries and get them stronger and to make sure they don't get injured again. Every session with him is informative and new! He loves to mix up the routines and exercises to really make you sweat and work hard. He's flexible on when to schedule sessions because he's always on text with you to make sure you are eating right and prioritizing/scheduling your workouts.I don't have a before and after pic yet as I had to break up our sessions a couple times because of traveling for work and I would regress into bad eating or miss some workouts....BUT I AM MUCH STRONGER and feel almost no residual pain from my injuries which is amazing because that was my first priority over looking good.I recommend you try out NBI Fitness if you are in the Bergen county area! More...


Vanessa b.

4 September 2017

Trinnie and Gil are awesome!! 10lbs down this month so I'm shooting for 15 next month, with their help it's so easy to lose the weight. They help with the food and things you should do at home to keep it going. I always look forward to training day with them. You guys rock! More...


Colleen H.

9 August 2017

NBI Fitness does a great job! Their training sessions are intense but it's never unreasonable.  Each session is different so they never become boring.  They are actively in monitoring you're eating habits to help you stay on track and provide advice on how to eat better.  They are always on time and never cancel appointments. The gyms they use for training are clean and not overcrowded.  You are never competing with other clients for equipment. Their rates are competitive with what the local gyms charge you but the quality of training is far superior.   I have been consistently losing weight since I started working with them and I am very pleased. More...


Jenny Kwon

25 June 2017

Trinnie and Gilbert are extremely knowledgeable and genuinely want the best for you. Each workout is different and they will also track your meals to help you eat right. They are both very very tough but encouraging and will push you to give 110% every time. They take the time to explain what muscle you are working on during the set and make sure you have correct posture. With their help and patience, I feel myself getting stronger, slowly building my endurance and starting to even improve on certain sets/excercises. Just trust them and follow their lead, you will see results and they will help you reach your goal. I'm about 1 month in and have lost 10+ pounds!!!

P.s They are both very friendly -- you can ask them anything and they will provide you their best answer and are also extremely accommodating for those who have tough schedules.


Anton Bion

27 May 2017

NIB is the real deal. I tried a handful of various gyms + trainers, all of them, prior to NBI, had a poor to mediocre impact. Signed with Gilbert within NBI and the immediate difference stood out. Plain and simple - If you're not serious about getting yourself fit then NBI Fitness isn't for you!If NBI Fitness is too serious for you, I suggest you get yourself a commercial 24hrFitness trainer that isn't as extreme and serious as NBI Fitness! More...


JD Walters

27 May 2017

From the very first workout I knew that Gilbert knew what he was doing. It was intense and well structured. In 6 weeks working with him I dropped close to 10% body fat and put on about 10 lbs of muscle. I highly recommend him! My fiancee has been working with Trinnie and she has been great as well! More...


Eviction Law Group

27 May 2017

I was in Fort Lee for my cousins wedding for a month and worked out with Gilbert and felt great. I had gained about 30lbs over the course of the last year and met Gilbert at Lunch and asked him if he wanted to train not even knowing he was a trainer. He went through my diet and is still working with me and so far I have shed 22 lbs. Ive been training for years but Gilbert brings the full package. Cant wait to get out this summer and train some more and finally get rid of this last 8lbs and put on some more lean mass. More...


John F.

10 May 2017

I was in Fort Lee for my cousins wedding for a month and worked out with Gilbert and felt great. I had gained about 30lbs over the course of the last year and met Gilbert at Lunch and asked him if he wanted to train not even knowing he was a trainer.  He went through my diet and is still working with me and so far I have shed 22 lbs. Ive been training for years but Gilbert brings the full package. Cant wait to get out this summer and train some more and finally get rid of this last 8lbs and put on some more lean mass. He keeps me going by sending my meal plans and workouts online and goes over my pictures. More...


Lisa T.

4 May 2017

I trained with Trinnie back when she was still working in California. Awesome fun, upbeat personality keep me hype up through out the tough workout. Especially they both bring Cali vibe into urban city. The fact that there are 2 trainers Gilbert and Trinnie working as a team keep you in check with diet/ breaking old bad habits. Trinnie nag me daily to quit smoking. Lovely couple. More...

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