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London, Greater London, West Yorkshire

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Mr Emotional Intelligence

London, Greater London, West Yorkshire



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23 July 2018

Excellent and helpful content by experts in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

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Clients achieve outstanding results following Scott Watson’s expert input because each client intervention is focused on delivering genuine and measurable value, rather than simply ‘training’ or ‘consultancy’.

Each intervention is packed full with opportunities for learning, applying and absorbing a vast knowledge base of time-tested, proven and extremely effective tools, strategies and techniques.

Few development programmes are designed to produce immediate, measurable results within just a few days. These programmes are an exception!

It was a Director of Customer Service & Sales of a financial services provider who labelled Scott Watson ‘Mr Emotional Intelligence‘. The year was 2001, and the client was about to conclude a project review meeting which had generated savings of £8.2 million for his company in just 20 days.

Initially, the client was understandably cautious about, and doubtful of, the role Emotional Intelligence could play in saving his company thousands of customer accounts it had resigned itself to losing to competitors in a highly competitive marketplace.

Scott Watson’s reputation in the corporate development arena is unrivalled. The verifiable results below speak volumes about the quality of learning, and benefits clients enjoy with him.

For the past 17 years, Scott Watson has equipped, enabled and actively encouraged business leaders, aspiring managers and passionate entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they really want to be.

Global brands including GE, AXA, and Thomas Cook Holidays, and public sector organisations including Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force, the Ministry of Defence and many others have appointed Scott Watson to help them bridge the gap, accelerate progress and remove roadblocks that stand in the way of optimal effectiveness. What gap might you want, need or deserve to address?

What existing strength might you want to strengthen further to maximise your leadership and management capability?

If you are eager to boost your personal and professional effectiveness, achieve more, solve even the most complex problems more quickly, and want a Coach who delivers real results rather than boring theory and complex psychobabble, you might want to get in touch with Scott Watson.