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Are you feeling anxious, stressed or depressed? Have you experienced a bereavement? Maybe you are experiencing problems with your relationships, have low self-esteem, are lacking in confidence or need some help with anger management.



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I love working with people and I realise it probably seems a bit obvious but I enjoy helping people. Counselling can make such a difference to a person's life and it really is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the process.

Having worked for a variety of agencies I decided to start my own counselling service so I could be more flexible with what I offered. I do not limit the number of sessions a client can have with me and I have a wide range of appointment times which usually suit most people. Another advantage to running my own business is that I do not have a lengthy waiting list. I am also better able to tailor the therapy to suit each client and their individual needs.

I have a very gentle disposition and am very patient. I always work from the point of view that you, as my client, are the expert on yourself so I always respect your thoughts and feelings. Everything you experience is valid and I will never judge you. Part of my training was developing the ability to put aside how I would think and feel about a particular situation and focus entirely on you. This alone can be a refreshing experience and can lead to you feeling truly heard and validated.