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We're Factory. A digital agency in Manchester. We make creatively clever digital marketing campaigns & beautifully crafted websites for growing brands.

We're an independent digital agency, co-founded by a seasoned design specialist and a former Googler. We know how to make digital campaigns work to deliver return on investment over and over. We are here to help you connect your brand to your customers, without jargon, smoke or mirrors. We're just straight talking, honest, friendly humans who like results.

Because there's no 'one size fits all', we really take the time to understand your individual needs. We care about what we do, we listen, work with you and provide the solution you actually need, not the one we want to sell.

With over 60% of digital ad spend being wasted due to poor account setup, incorrect targeting and/or bad ad copy, we can help. If you are looking to stop wasting your ad spend and get more for your budget, or to start gaining new customers online, we have the skillset to get you the rewards your business deserves. We specialise in Digital Marketing (PPC, Social, Video, email etc...) and have an ex-Googler heading up our marketing business. We are fully qualified experts of Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

If you're looking for a new website and really want to stand out from the crowd in a growing digital marketplace, we also design and build awesome cutting edge websites across a full range of technologies to meet your needs, such as WordPress, Laravel, Statamic among others.

Finally, our Creative Director is a fully fledged graphic designer and can meet all of your design needs. We create brands, brochures and logos (plus many other services) for small business right through to FTSE 100 corporate businesses.

If you want more rewards from your digital offering, speak to our experts today and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Made By Factory Reviews

Made By Factory Reviews

Review of Made By Factory by KAM G
5 24/06/2018 KAM G


Review of Made By Factory by Pawel Zaporowski
5 09/02/2017 Pawel Zaporowski

Review of Made By Factory by Dylan Leighton
5 18/10/2016 Dylan Leighton

Taking a brand concept from inception, creating everything from packaging to fonts to e-commerce website, to great SEO, digital marketing and all the gubbins...This is what I wanted Middle Creative to do. And they smashed it. Extraordinary company with great people, who are actually easy to talk to, with great ideas. Their vision, creativity and technical skills are all exemplary, and If I had to find one thing wrong with them it would be they don't have my favourite jelly beans in their office sweetie jar. Could not recommend highly enough for serious brands.

Review of Made By Factory by Liam Bowmer
5 18/10/2016 Liam Bowmer

Middle have done excellent work for us. We have had some complicated and challenging projects, but they have always managed to find their way through it and do me proud. Thanks Middle!!

Review of Made By Factory by Irfan H.
4 04/07/2016 Irfan H.

Review of Made By Factory by Anne Maine
5 Anne Maine

A highly professional and creative company who designed and implemented 2 stunning websites for my small business ventures.

Review of Made By Factory by Matthew Wilkinson
5 Matthew Wilkinson

Beautifully styled branding. I'm a small company and CreativJam have made me look like a highly polished corporation

Review of Made By Factory by Justin Isme
5 Justin Isme

Top company with superb owners who provide great customer service there to help you develop the product you want. Our service supports vulnerable adults its great that Middle understand our needs and are sensitive to our delivery


Director Just B.U CIC

Made By Factory

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Made By Factory Q&A

Made By Factory Q&A

What makes a great website?

The 4 main elements of a good website are:
1. Mobile friendliness - we live in a "Mobile First" environment these days, so it is imperative that you have a fully responsive website that works on all devices.
2. Great design, look and feel - in a now crowded digital marketplace, it's tough to stand out - your website is effectively your storefront and also your first point of contact, so make a good impression!!
3. Speed - people's attention spans have fallen dramatically as digital takes over our lives. If a website doesn't load in 3 seconds, 53% of people will leave it.
4. User Experience - people have busy lives and want to get the information they desire and make a purchase/book a service as quickly as possible. The user experience on your website will affect your conversion rate significantly. The less clicks it takes somebody to find out about a product/service and then buy it, the more likely you are to gain the conversion.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

1. What is your business about? What are your aims? Who are your customers? What is your USP?
2. What is the main goal of the project? For example, to gain X amount of customers by the end of the year, increase revenue by £xxk in 12 months, build an online presence for the business etc....
3. What is your budget for this project? A budget needs to be inline with your goal. If your project & goal is going to generate X new customers per month at, for example, £2k per customer, then you need to understand what you are able to pay, as a business to gain these high value customers - what is your customer lifetime value? Starbucks, for example, have a lifetime customer value to c.£12,500 per customer, meaning they can effectively pay up to £12,500 to gain 1 new customer without making a loss.
4. What are your timescales? For digital marketing, this can be done ASAP. For a web build, it is a longer process, but we can generally complete a bespoke website within 6-8 weeks depending on the project scope

Describe your creative process.

We always dig deep into what your business is about. What are you looking to achieve and what look and feel do you desire for your business. We work with you to create a great brand image that really works. As the creative experts, we show you the journey and reasoning behind every design.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

For digital marketing, we require:
+Your marketing goal
+Your website address
+Montly budget
+Target audience
+Geographic areas covered by the business and operating hours
+Access to Google Analytics for your website and the ability to have tracking code input into the base of the website
+List of your main competitors
+If offering more than one service/product - what generates you the highest margin?
For website design and development, we require:
+Your goal
+Your timeframe
+What website functionality do you require? For example, eCommerce store/shopping cart, booking system, blog page, animations, integrated video etc...
+Your budget
+Existing website address (if one is in existence)
+Brand guidelines/business look and feel
+Existing written content for the website - we can write the content for you if needed
+High quality imagery for your new website
+A list of your preferred website styles (around 4+) - these can be your competitors or businesses in completely different industries
For creative projects, we require the following:
+Your goal
+The kind of business look and feel you want to portray
+Exsiting brand guidelines, if in place
+Your timescales
+Your budget
+Colour schemes you like
+Are you looking for ultra modern, contemporary, traditional or historic look and feel to the creative work

What do you love most about your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the businesses we work with thriving off the back of the work we have done and continue to do with them. We care a great deal about the businesses who we work with and that shows in the end product we deliver - be that ongoing digital marketing management & increasing sales, a new all singing all dancing website or a completely new look for the business.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I love marketing - to help businesses succeed, sometimes against all odds, is extremely rewarding and enjoyable. It is a constantly changing environment and the classic sales funnel approach of sales has disappeared in many industries, so it is great to be in a role where things are constantly changing and the need for ongoing learning never ends. Marrying up marketing with web design & development and creative work all go hand in hand - You need a great image for your business, an awesome digital storefront and then the marketing to make it all work. Having a great image and website means nothing if you don't have a marketing strategy - a bit like owning the shell of a Ferarri - Yeah, it looks great, but it isn't going anywhere without an engine.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because we care about the work we do and the businesses we work with. We only work with businesses with realistic budgets where there will be a long-term relationship because we want to help you grow. We always do what we say we are going to do - which is always refreshing in this day and age. With an ex-Googler in the side, we really know what does and doesn't work in digital, so who better to join you on your digital journey.

Services provided by Made By Factory

Made By Factory Services

Digital Marketing

We are a Google Partner agency and even have an ex-Google in our ranks. So when we create and implement digital marketing strategies, we do it with two main things in mind - To make our client's business a success and increase sales. We market our clients across all major digital marketing platforms, from Google to Facebook/Instagram and from Twitter to LinkedIn. We develop digital marketing strategies to ensure each of our clients put their best foot forward, at the right time and to the right people. We produce highly engaging graphic ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram etc... and promote these to bespoke created audiences. We build bespoke audience profiles based on our vast knowledge of what works in digital marketing and will continually carry out research to tweak these audiences to our client's advantage. This allows us to adjust the targeting as and when needed based on various factors such as seasonal events and sales etc... The ultimate aim - to get our client's in front of as many relevant people as possible and to drive intrigue and engagement in the publications on offer.

Web Design & Development

We hand code all of our websites, so you can rest assured that your new online presence will have the look and feel you desire. Our combination of designers, marketers and developers means we know how to design and build websites that really work for our clients. As we have a highly skilled UX designer and an ex-Googler in our team, we really do know how to design websites that really work and which meet your goals and expectations. We have designed and developed many websites over the years and have scaled businesses up from being small local companies to covering the whole of the UK and beyond. Through our development, we have helped some clients go from c.5,000 visitors per month to over c.40,000, thanks to our user experience expertise. What just one of our many happy clients had to say: "The team at Factory spent time to get to know us as a business. We were happy to have our hands held and guided through all these exciting changes." We take the time to really get to know your business and what your goals are then we use our UX & design experience to create the awesome web presence your company deserves.


Google Ads - FR Jones & Son

An industry leader in the supply and service of horticultural and arboricultural equipment and machinery, FR Jones and Son are mowing down the competition in their industry with their online offering. FR Jones and Son approached us after running their own Google Shopping campaign themselves but sought a higher return. They wanted to expand into Google Search and Display to increase their potential. As a business, they knew they had a strong offering and wanted to increase their reach and sales through multiple PPC campaigns with a realistic budget. We have achieved over 11,000 new conversions to the website in the past six months. The key goal: To run PPC campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping to boost overall sales and awareness of FR Jones and Son. We began by looking at what was important to FR Jones and Son and how their existing and new customers would engage with their website. One of the first steps we took was to research their key audience types, so we could create custom in market and affinity audiences. We then focussed our targeting on the terms we knew were highly likely to result in a sale by aiming for searches that would come lower down the sale/purchase funnel. To get started on Google Search, we built everything with an extremely tight structure that would be helpful in attaining a high Quality Score. With a large number of products and product variants, our next task was to ensure relevance between the search terms, keywords, ad copies and landing pages. As with all of our AdWords campaigns, once we had the engine running, we didn’t stop there. Through regular fine tuning and refuelling, we continually work on the account to ensure everything is relevant and key to FR Jones and Son’s business goals. As we notice changes in consumer behaviour and seasonality, we ensure the strategy is regularly adapted to consistently increase overall performance. We consistently see an increase in traffic volume and, more importantly, sales and overall sale value. By analysing the data within their account, we are able to manage the existing budget, whilst still increasing sales further. By having a strong grip on the customer journey, we continue to create new audience lists and establish the groupings that will provide a significant chance of increasing sales. 3 months on from welcoming FR Jones and Son as a client, the ROI across the account reached 122x. The performance has continued to be well above 100x every month since (and has even exceeded 150x on occasion).

Web Design & Development and Marketing - Anthony K

Like many independent car leasing SME’s, Anthony K utilise a system that sources the best vehicles on offer, and then help to steer their customers through the process. Vehicle leasing has become a huge industry and for the average customer, the choice of deals is overwhelming. As Anthony K evolved into the digital era, their front facing website was search facility leading to an extensive array of choices. This is where our expertise was needed. Our client felt that whilst comprehensive, the choices available on the home page of the website were overwhelming. Utilising a third party platform to serve their deals, they had little to no control over the way the site was structured or displayed. They asked us if they could simplify things for the customers by building a brochure website that allowed them to filter out some of the noise and present a front that reflected their branding and their values of a small team, a family business and a personal service. Changing the Logo Our first task was to refresh the logo. Whilst the overall design hasn’t changed, with the distinctive triangle featuring a combination of the a and k, the existing logo was heavily stylised with drop shadows and bevels, making it look dated. It was also bright red and the team were feeling the need for change. We flattened the design, placed it with a contemporary font & made it much bolder. The colour scheme changed to a dark blue bordering on indigo. This created the appearance of strength, stability and trust. New Brochure Website Moving on to the website, we created a brochure website using the WordPress CMS and a bespoke theme designed from the ground up for the client, utilising modern best practices. The primary sections of search were filtered into the most popular categories and presented in a much simpler way from the home page. On landing you are presented with two options. Personal leasing or business leasing. This allows you to then further break your choice down into vehicle category. The result is you land on the car database with a more filtered result. The site also allows for Anthony K to display important information and a blog in their own style. No site is set and forget and Anthony K have continued to work with us to drive leads to their website with a highly targeted google campaign.

Web Design & Development - Driftwood Distillery

We were honoured to be contacted by Driftwood Gin Distillery in the Netherlands, to help market their craft gins. Driftwood Distillery currently offer four beautifully packaged craft gins which are available worldwide. The Problem Driftwood’s current website had been created a good while earlier and managed by the owners. As with many websites, the process of managing it versus just doing what you are great at (in this case, distilling gin) became harder and harder. Driftwood also wanted the ability to sell their gins online, using the various payment methods available in NL, including split payments, which are a legal requirement. Our Solution The Driftwood Distillery website uses the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce. The design is clean and minimal and makes use of the product photography and illustrative style of the product. The website is built using CSS Grid to create a modern, adaptive layout that re-orders itself depending on the device size. CSS Grid allows for much more flexible layouts and faster site speed. We worked with Matt Wilkinson, who produced the gorgeous cocktail and product shots that help to make the website so clean and minimal looking, leaving the attention entirely on the imagery and the colours of the brand. We believe that websites should be fast, clean and minimal, making use of the content within rather than relying on lots of pomp and flashy effects and this has been accomplished beautifully in this project. The site & photography was completed in time for the bottles to feature in GQ Magazine.

Web Design & Development - Naturelly

We met the founder of Naturelly on a trade mission to Dublin, Ireland with Enterprise Nation. We got along famously with our fellow Mancunian. Since then, we have also been fans of this brilliant multi award winning snack. We were thrilled to be tasked with creating a website to reflect the brand. The client wanted a visually engaging, responsive website with simple e-commerce functionality. So, this fun website effectively communicates the brand, a grass roots, family run organic food and drink company. What we created for Naturelly. We created a hand crafted bespoke website, proudly powered by WordPress. The website makes use of gorgeous creative design that complements the brand pack shots. We also created slight css animations on the buttons and elements, to create the fun wobble effect. We increased Naturelly’s organic search by 400%, with a display campaign and a snazzy new website. YAY! Features WordPress out of the box does come with some limitations. Page layout is highly simplistic, so we hand coded the layouts to produce the creative pages on the site. To allow the client maximum editability, we created custom fields for each individual section of the website. This then allowed our client the power to control all of their content. So, this just goes to show the power of WordPress when you mix it with bespoke coded elements.

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