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I am the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK as we as a Holistic Therapist. Specialising in bringing happiness and fun back into the lives of all people whether at home or at work.

I have great experience in working with elderly people and people suffering from disabling conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease.


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Nicolette Williamson

23 July 2018

Crazy Random fun


Steph Hiller

23 July 2018

What a wonderful way to spend two days - learning and laughing under the expert guidance of Lotte. Look forward to more training!


Genny Jones

23 July 2018

Thanks Lotte, really enjoyed your laughter leader training. Thanks of for understanding and patience. I look forward to delivering some sessions and learning more from you! May the laugh be with you!


Liz Doyle

23 July 2018

What an exhilarating two days it was in March 2017! We all met as strangers, leaving as friends, a testimony to how laughter yoga works in connecting others with all its elements.
With Lotte's support and excellent teaching skills, I am now running weekly laughter yoga club in Basingstoke, which I thoroughly enjoy.


Katy Williams

23 July 2018

Trained with united mind in 2011 and what wonderful people to deliver the training, genuinely passionate about laughter yoga and spreading joy with it. Additionally the course attracted fabulous souls with whom I had a fantastic, fun filled, soul exploring weekend. Will never forget it and would recommend to all.... It's just a wonderful bonus that afterwards I could bring laughter to others. More...


Sara Kay

23 July 2018

I trained with Lotte in October 2016 and it was brilliant training. I have never once regretted training. Best thing in my life. I owe my inner and outer happiness to training and practicing Laughter Yoga. Not only do you train but you also discover how powerful the benefits of Laughter are and make loads of new happy friends in the Laughter community and find your true self � More...


Adam Hudson

31 May 2014

UnitedMind taught me how to laugh again. After attending Lotte's Laughter Therapy classes I had an increased feeling of well being, I became more focused at work and generally felt happier and healthier. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Running Laughter Yoga Leader Training in the UK, currently in London, St. Albans, Durham and Online. Have trained more than 250 individuals from all over the UK and Europe, and am currently the most successful Laughter Trainer in the UK. The course r