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L Loades

27 May 2018

Jon Chambers recently built a lovely conservatory for my parents and I was so impressed that I asked them to build one for us too.Sales process. I phoned the office and agreed an appointment for Paul (the director) to come round. Paul visited and we had a real good chat about what we wanted and what Jon Chambers could provide for us. Paul is a real nice guy and gave no *bull* like other larger companies do. Sales process took about 30 minutes. Next week a quote was received and we agreed to proceed by a staged payment process.Construction Process. Felt really sorry for the guys as it was right in the middle of the February snow but they worked real hard to get the roof on just before all the snow arrived. The whole process took about 6 weeks (1-week delay because of weather). Half way through the install, we were informed that they had made an error and the dimensions were out which meant that we could not use the existing doors. Luckily, we had planned to swap these for bi-folds so we worked with Jon Chambers to bring this work forward and install at the same time. However, upon completion, although the conservatory was beautiful, the workmanship of the bi-fold doors was so bad I had to contact Jon to visit to assess the situation, a date and time was agreed. Jon did not turn up, with no phone call and when I contacted him the next day, his reason why was that ‘he had ran out of time’. Unfortunately, Jon put the phone down on me because I gave him feedback on improving communications to customers. Next working day, Paul phoned and agreed to visit. Paul did visit, we worked out a solution and it was rectified within a couple of weeks.Jon Chambers staff. All were very nice, professional and really care about their work. Special thanks to Adam, he is really enthusiastic and with the right mentorship will be a big asset to the company.Paul. If it wasn’t for Paul resolving the issue, I would have ‘rejected’ the doors under the sale of goods act. Real nice guy, knows his stuff, has great customer service and delivers.Feedback. As a customer I would suggest Jon or Paul to visit each project after completion to make sure the customer is happy and take on board any feedback. As an expert in customer service, I would advise Jon to revise his customer service skills so that he understand that this is now a vital component of a successful company. My final piece of feedback is to ensure the customer is kept informed of what is happening. For our project, my wife and I know nothing about the construction industry so we asked lots of dumb questions via email, Jon responded in minimal word replies which gave us the impression that he was expecting us to know the process.All in all, would I use Jon Chambers again or recommend them to anyone else? Yes, I would but for me personally, I would always want to deal with Paul. We have a beautiful conservatory with a great set of Bi-folds. More...

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