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Having worked in pest control for the army, local council and some of the biggest companies in the country, I have decided to go it alone. One year in and it's going great. I have several prestigious sites amongst the other number of smaller sites and my domestic work is going fantastic as well.


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24 July 2017

I had a HUGE bed bug problem 18 months ago, in a property that I rent out. I honestly still feel like I have some form of PTSD from the whole experience. It was AWFUL. I paid other people wasted money, did LOADS of cleaning, and generally tore my hair out and cried a lot. After 3 long months of being demented, Mark turned up. He was like a marine. Honestly. He just completly took control, and those bugs stood no chance. I had no faith in him whatsoever after my experience with other people, but sure enough, after his second scheduled visit, they were GONE. I have been intending to write this review for so long, not so much even to promote Mark's business, but to advertise his services to other people who are maybe in this situation, and like me, just don't know where to turn, and who to trust. Go to Mark. He will help ! More...


Steve Fitch



Mark Dixon

Great professional Service!! Many thanks


Rachael Kershaw

Nice friendly service. Good value for money. Got rid of our problem in less than 3 visits :) Thanks


Michelle Sumner

Excellent service, affordable and no messing around job well done, thank you.


Rachel Sword

Absolutely fab service! Sorted my ant problem our! Professional friendly service! Thanks xx


Sarah Goldsmith

Excellent service fast reliable and job well done at an affordable price


Natalie Cleverley

Excellent service... came out within 20 minutes of calling. Gave me some great advice over some pesky flies invading my living room. Thanks again mark.


Jayne Griffiths

Had a problem with Vermin & called on Jam Pest control to sort out the problem in no time. Definitely recommend this company for all aspects of pest control.


Paul Fitch

I may sound bias as this is my brothers business , but knowing how meticulous and thorough he is in his work you will be guaranteed a job well done .


Louise Jones

Giving this the 4 fs fantastic, fast, fair and friendly :) Fantasic service Mark was at my door within a hour of me calling him a very fair price and a lovely friendly guy i would recomend him to anyone that has pest problems. Thank you very much Mark :)


Peter O'Connor

Mark was great. We had a couple of rats in the back garden and after 4 visits we are now rat free. Cannot recommend the services of JAM Pest Control enough. He is quick , clean and always clears up any mess. 5 stars as he did a great job. Thanks again. More...


Seeing the faces on my customers when I sort their problems out. I'm very informative and love to impart information to put their minds at ease.

Seeing how poor the customer service was whilst working for a large company. I was the face of the company and had to iron out any problems my customers had with the faceless entities at the end of the phone at our head office. I have taken many of those customers with me, all due to my friendly nature and my professional approach to work.

I offer a very professional service with a friendly and informative attitude. I'm aware how people are drawn to the big name companies but, the company are only as good as the technician on the ground. Big companies also come with big company prices. I'm always shocked at some of the quotes that the likes of Rentokil give and enjoy seeing the faces of my customers when I tell them my prices. You'll get the same, if not better, service from me but at a fraction of the cost.