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A fitness company that caters for everyone especially students. We believe that everyone should be entitled to being the best they can be fitness wise. One way this can be done is through personal training and nutrition advice.

In order to cater for all we have discounts for those who find it difficult to pay the average cost of a personal trainer without a compromise in quality.



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As an American Football player, Soccer player, Boxer and Kickboxer, I understand what it takes to reach your goals successfully. I also know how to make workout sessions intense, fun and efficient. This will be coupled with your new knowledge regarding your diet. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, get stronger or bigger or even just tone up I am your man.

Hard Work, dedication, patience but most importantly your belief in yourself to achieve that body. Yes as a Psychologist I understand that in order to succeed in absolutely anything particularly fitness related goals your self-belief (self-efficacy we call it) will drive you or dive you!

I love the variety, every client is different but Yet so similar. Why? Well, all my clients want different things; feel healthy, look stronger, lose weight or tone up that's what makes them different. So why are they similar? Simple, they all want to be better than yesterday and so do you! That resonates with me especially with my sporting background because a great quarterback once said "If you ain't getting better, You're getting worse" Think about that!

As an athlete with aspirations to become professional, I needed a source of income that would allow me to engage in the rigorous training sessions and disciplined lifestyle I would have to undertake. Naturally, my fitness company made sense as it allowed me to develop my knowledge about the human body and how best to achieve the goals set out for myself. I also created this business in order to secure the future for my family and most importantly to encourage and inspire others to go after their goals with a verve and passion that prevents them from failure. Ultimately, I never had that when I was younger and had to develop it myself.

I should be chosen because you will get an honest, knowledgeable, fun and reliable personal trainer. Who has helped clients with the wide variety of goals they have presented. Our workouts will never just be the same and with my philosophy of " always better than yesterday" you will not be the same person you were the last time we trained. Furthermore as a Fitness Company with a vision that everyone should be entitled to personal training. I have developed concessionary rates for students, Retired individuals, Military personnel, Emergency services personnel and young athletes. That's not to say everyone else will be severely out of pocket when they train with us, as our regular prices are also very affordable!