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We are a construction project management firm who use our expertise to deliver a high quality project that meets the clients needs and save them time and money.
We work tirelessly with our clients to understand their exact needs to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

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Ness Cramp

26 May 2019

Brilliant small business with very friendly service


Firstly by having the garage surveyed, whilst the garage may be standing and in good condition an assessment of the initial structure should be under taken, potentially before work starts there may be the need to extend the foundations.
The height also needs to be looked at, if it is insufficient the height may need to be raised.
The damp proof course might also need investigating to ensure water tightness.

After sitting down with our client and understanding the scope of the project, we would check whether the garage and property are in a conservation area, to confirm whether planning permission would be needed.
We would carry out a survey of the garage and property to get as much information on the building as possible.

If required we would get a structural engineer to carry out the required calculation to make sure any new doors and windows can be installed with out any adverse affect to the property if it's integral.

We would then get the required quotes from the builders to review with the client and deliver a successful garage conversion.

We would look at a number of areas, firstly if there is enough height in the loft to accomadate a room.

We would then look to see whether there is the room to make sure that stairs can be added to enter the conversion.

The next step before design would be to confirm whether the property is in a conservation area to rule out planning permission requirements.

We would then move on to design and construction to the clients specifications.

Firstly we would measure the space and confirm it can be converted.

Once confirmed we would work with the client to outline the layout of the loft, staircase location, and end details.

The next stage would be to produce layout drawings for the engineers to use to carry out the structural calculations and specifications so these can be priced for construction.

We will outline the scope of works and select the most appropriate builder to carry out the works.

The builder will then carry out the conversion to the specification resulting in a converted loft for the clients use.

Since 2018, however we have a combine 23 years of experience in construction and project management.

Customer satisfaction, deliver a successful project that the client is happy with, has met all the requirements, and has been delivered on time and on budget.

Delievering high quality project to our clients using our own experience in industry. From personal experience we have been let down a number of times when trying to complete home projects, when we implemented the professional standards and methods of working we have been trained in for industry, we found that the uncertainty was reduced and our projects we delivered successfully.

We are a friendly professional company that wants to work tirelessly to deliver the clients dream to a reality. We take great pride in working to understand your needs so they can be met.