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I have a passion for designing which is prominent through my interest with typography. In the past I have designed my own typeface where I discovered my now favourite designer, David Carson. I have also created a typography book inspired by the works of Irma Boom.



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Any form of specification that is desired - detailed information on content being produced and stylistic flare / existing identity. This could be information such as house colours, typographic elements, information being featured and so on. Also if you have any preconceived ideas on what the content should look like please don't hesitate to let me know, the more information the better!

I have worked with a variety of printing projects, such as magazine spreads, poster design, social media content, t-shirt design, business card design, logo design, website design and so on. I like the variety of different forms of design and any new project that I have not covered before, I am happy to cover in the future.

I have a passion for design but in order to keep on top of productivity and creativity I segment my projects into preliminary research, development and refinement. I think it is important to adopt phases in order to keep workload manageable, and to communicate with clients to keep them informed on the development processes. I also think it is important to have a line of communication to receive feedback and to converse about aspects of content, this is paramount to the refinement phase and leads to effective and professional outcomes that clients are happy with.

I am an enthusiastic and perseverant person, and my passion is for design and I wanted to share that with other people. I wanted to be able to help clients with their businesses by designing for them and creating identities that play a key part in society. I take gratification from people coming to me with issues or questions, or projects where I can help them towards the goal they are striving for. I love to help people overcome problems and I feel as if designing is a key element of overcoming certain issues. I am more than happy to help people and love seeing vision that those individuals have for their business and then playing a part in their vision.

I like to design, design and design and the ability to do such things for diverse companies gives me a great sense of achievement. I have updated brand identity for an Ebike business and designed new logos which are now present through all their platforms, I have also designed t-shirts, their website and their marketing campaigns which I thoroughly enjoy doing, and in doing so I have also generated sales for the company. The process of my design performing as an integral sales and brand identity amplifier motivates me to carry on doing so for other businesses.

I am extremely hardworking and my ability to work toward and exceed client expectation is something I really enjoy doing. I cover a range of business sectors which amplifies my transferable skillset and allows me to understand branding and the elements performing alongside. I thoroughly enjoy challenging myself and watching risks pay off. I enjoy what I do and I like to share this with clients that want to exceed.