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Personal Training
Weight Training
Strength And Conditioning(Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Kettlebells)

Specializing in Boxing, Certified Boxing Trainer and KBT Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, coached by former champion and Sky Sports Analyst Spencer Oliver and Team Hatton Elite Level Trainer.


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Raz Khan

Outstanding teacher. Learnt lots. Keep going


Anees Hussain

Had private sessions with Fas. Amazing teacher really breaks boxing down, how to move around stance and how to really get ko power from your punches.
Really enjoyed the sessions fas is a humble guy and very patient. Thanks Fas


Michael Edun

Whether you are a complete novice or have boxed before, Fayz will be able to help you achieve your goals. Unlike other trainers I have worked with in the past he adapts his training techniques to you. Whether you looking to improve your fitness or become the next AJ I'm sure Fayz can take you there More...


Asif Amin

The sweet science of boxing broken down into many elements. Faz does well to break things down for all his attendees. Whether your motivation is to get fit through strength conditioning or to learn the art of boxing , Faz is your man!


Joseph Anthony Deacon Rylett

Top man top lesson. Highly reccommend.
Great for burning calories and learning the art of pugilism !!!! �


Shaid Manzoor

Excellent trainer. Great sessions!
Looking forward to some more hardcore training. Keep up the good work Faisal.


James Bore

Over the course of three months I've basically been put through hellish workouts to achieve the goals I stated at the start. Today I finished the first race of my Spartan trifecta, cutting an hour off last year's time, completing far more obstacles, and not struggling to walk afterwards but happily running around to threaten my other half with sweaty hugs.

I don't believe for a second I'd have got this far without Fayz's encouragement, arduous workouts, and help - and I'm looking forward (after a fashion) both to continuing training and hitting my trifecta for the year.

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Hard work, being accountable. There are no shortcuts and no one ever said it would be easy but my approach is to ensure I am there every step of the way so that when you eventually decide to go at it alone because no one needs a personal trainer for life, you will have enough experience and knowledge to continue creating and reaching new goals based on your new lifestyle


Changing peoples lives - the difference you make to their self esteem, confidence and quality of life. Making people feel good about themselves

I enjoy helping others and wanted to be in control of my life with the freedom to do more of what I want to do and when.

I teach you the tools you need to succeed - you won't even need a personal trainer after I have taught you everything you need to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself!