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Darren King

Chichester, West Sussex

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Darren King

Chichester, West Sussex


I am an individual freelance translator, Oxford educated and specialising in both French and German, in both of which I am fluent.

I offer technical and non-technical translation work, both from English into French/German and vice versa.



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The variety in translation is what I love most - every text or piece of work is different.

Every text has a different audience and needs to communicate a different message.

The task of translating that message into the target language so that it is effectively expressed to the audience and generates as much interest as possible is a challenge that I fully embrace with an eye for detail and nuance and the utmost professionalism.

I studied French and German at Oxford University and I am deeply passionate about languages. I want to use my skills to make a difference and through translation work this is something I believe that I can do.

As a translator I can use my talents to help other people realise their ambitions and business plans - that is an opportunity that I find very humbling and one that I embrace fully.

I am a confident and skilled linguist, able to work to a high degree of accuracy and technical precision. I pride myself on working with the nuances of the original text and communicating them in the most idiomatically effective manner into the target language.

For me, translation is about more than just rendering the words and grammatical structures. Rather, I see the task of professional translation as understanding the precise focus of each piece of content to be translated. When working, I think about the audience and how the final piece is intended to be perceived, based upon cultural and subject area knowledge.

Having spent time in both France and Germany, I have developed a cultural understanding of both countries and use this to inform the way in which I approach each translation piece I work on.

I offer an efficient, quick turnaround time and will take on work of any size.

I will work with you to understand the purpose of the content to be translated and the message you want to express, as well as the audience you want to reach and what your end goal is.

Contact me now and let me know how I can help you.