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A freelance writer for 25 years, I have experience in all facets of marketing, advertising and promotional copywriting. Digital content such as blog and web content, email newsletters, SEO copy and more. I can also provide ghost writing services, fiction editing, radio and television copy.



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Being a wordsmith is probably the most satisfying profession on the planet. The idea that words I've created can sell something, persuade someone to do something, or get someone lost in another world is such a buzz.

Freedom to create is one of the most powerful motivators. I've been a writer for 25 years...or two and a half decades...or a quarter of a century. I worked for one of the biggest talk radio station networks (Macquarie Radio) in Sydney Australia as creative director. It was not satisfying. One day a client approached me and said 'How would you like to come and work for me. I'll pay you more, AND you can still have a life'. So I did...and I did. Then , through the power of networking, other people became aware of my work, and I've been a freelance writer ever since.

Research is important to me, so I have a thorough familiarisation routine when I take on a new client so that I can deliver the best copy possible. I love a deadline, and always try to deliver on time and on budget.