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We offer, family classes in, karate and self-defence, we also teach Filipino Kyusho, a Filipino Martial Arts based system. We have classes in the tameside areas and are opening more locations.
We can also offer private, 1-1 and private group (minimum 3/group).


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13 June 2019

Both my children attended plus myself it's really good being able to do something together as a family. Would recommend to anyone to give it a go.


Karyn Woods

10 September 2018

The stranger danger course was fantastic.


Janine Anne Hurd

10 September 2018

Fantastic brilliant class would highly recommend brilliant with the kids


Kane Roscoe

10 September 2018

I would recommend cougar ki to Any martial artist. You learn so much in so little time that it's truly amazing.


Tracy Temple

10 September 2018

Great sensei giving my children the life skills they need growing up in the world today. I have also attended a self defence seminar for women which was excellent!!


Kerry Cook

10 September 2018

I would definitely recommend Cougar Ki Martial Arts. Brilliant class led by Sensei Daniel, who is brilliant with children, and makes the class fun. My son hasn't been going to the dojo long and has achieved so much already. I've also noticed a change in his coordination and concentration - and more importantly he loves attending! More...


Vicky Williams

10 September 2018

im recommending cougar ki martial arts, as i feel i have gained so much already. sensei daniel and all the team make you feel very welcome, each and every lesson.
theres sooo much to learn and gain from this, already it has helped build my confidence, improved my physical and mental coordination, concentration, and respect for others and myself more.
each technique and move is explained in a way that we can all understand, which greatly helps with understanding, not only are we learning a martial art, were also learning a new language too, haha, and how to work together as a team, and a very welcoming one too.
if your thinking of giving it a go then Please do, i myself kept putting it off and absolutely love it now, so go on give it a go. im sure you'll love it, and every lesson you will want more,

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I like seeing how it has a positive impact, and seeing people achieve, their personal goals. Weather that be gaining confidence or improving their fitness.

I used to teach for a international karate club. When I left the club, I kept up my training and a friend said why don't you teach and ta da Cougar Ki Martial Arts came into fruition.

I have been training in martial arts for over 30yrs, and teaching, for over 15yrs. I still train, and believe I am still improving my martial arts skill set. I have competed in many tournaments, from regional to international.
I believe the true spirit of martial arts is to always be improving yourself and helping others along the journey.