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Copywriting that does what it's supposed to:

Convert your average readers
into your new best friends.

All words establish position.
Only the right ones forge market leaders.
Choose wisely...


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I'm an infomaniac - a person with a genuine and firmly-established addiction to knowledge acquisition who obsesses over nuances and minutiae and relishes developing deep understanding. This is the perfect gig for me!

And I'm not even kidding. Once I squished a housefly. "What makes this little pile of goo go?" I wondered. "It clearly possesses no musculature." Next thing I know, it's 6am, the sun's coming up, and I'm a layman-expert on houseflies (and other arthropodae).

Oh - and it's "hydraulic pressure" that makes those piles of goo go, if you're curious.

A happy accident, really. I'm a former Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and executive chef. In both industries, I contributed to a number of marketing initiatives, primarily in the form of copywriting.

One day, back in 2010, I randomly came across an ad for the Editor's position at a popular SCUBA magazine. And I got it! Well, the mag was eventually bought out and dismantled by a larger competitor and, due to job duplication, my services were no longer required.

But! I'd already realized that I could use my digital marketing and language-shaping skills to work independently. And so I did.

In the beginning I worked with quite a number of coaches, trainers, consultants, and what-have-you - this gave me access to their courses, guidance, and support materials; information I'd use to start living well and loving life thanks to a smart, thriving business.

And here we are. Today, I enrich strong global brands and fiery new startups alike with words that sing loud and clear to the audiences you aim 'em at - with close to 200 client testimonials to prove it.

And the right words? They speak volumes.

Because reach, conversions, and growth are just the beginning.

Any same-old copywriter can hammer out a same-old list of buzzwords and benefits. But you wouldn’t hire some same-old dude with a hammer and a hope to build your family’s dream home, would you? (ProTip: don’t).

Your customers ignore the overwhelming majority of marketing messaging because it’s boring.

Forgettable brands fade away every day. Yours needs to be the one we remember.

Get people talking.
Sharing. Learning.

Did I mention I can help you with that?


Don't let boring old words cost you business. Express your brand's vibrant personality (hype-free, of course) with carefully considered, cleverly crafted copy with character to capture your customers' craniums. Be more visible. Get more attention. And make more sales. All thanks to a few well-chosen words.