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Facebook Ad's - Running Facebook Advertisements to reach the best possible audience required for your Business/Product/Service Type. Keeping Ad Spending cost to a minimum to suit your Daily Budget.

Google Ad's - Similar to the Facebook Advertisements - We can target Ad's on Google so your business is shown when potential customers are running a similar search for your Product/Services.


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14 January 2019

Amazing, Dayle was able to generate leads for us over on Facebook using paid Facebook Ad's & Email Funnels to capture details for potential customers. These leads were hot and extremely easy to sell to. Dayle also helped us with our latest venture in Solar Panel repair leads which he delivered as expected. More...

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The results.

Nothing is better than watching my efforts pay off, To take a Business who was almost non existent on Social Media to now having hundreds/thousands of new followers engaging in every post and bringing in a regular stream of revenue.

After securing all my qualifications in Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Marketing, Content Creation, Viral Video Creation - I wanted to help others to achieve their business goals.

I have always been very tech based and I just love to work online.

I knew I could always help other businesses thrive.

Unlike a lot of Social Media Marketing Agencies, They will tend to just have a set price plan on their website which is very limited in the services the provide for one.

Also how anyone can take your money without even having spoken to you, got to know your business or your goals is beyond me.

I will always specifically get to know my client, their business, their goals and I want to know what they have attempted in the past which did not work for them. I work closely with all my clients so I know exactly what it is they need from me and I will tell them exactly if I think this is do-able or not.

Most social media marketing ''experts'' will just do the basics of posting a few photos on your pages here and there and charge you a huge lump sum for this. Nothing goes in to this to improve engagement and ensure these posts are most relevant to the business/brand model. I see so many Facebook Pages and I can just tell they have an automated Social Media Marketing Agency running their posts and they have less engagement than when the original owner was managing it themselves.

Work with me and I can guarantee I will learn the insides and outs of your business and the goals you want to accomplish and deliver.



We can run Facebook Ad's to target potential customers who already have an interest in your type or business/service/product. These ad's will display on the feeds of the highest converting customers possible. Whether you are looking for leads or to sell products we can guarantee the best results.

We know running your business alone is hard work and time consuming so finding the time to do this and then manage your social media platform can be twice as difficult and you are not just talking Facebook now. You have to be active across all to be effective. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. We can take care of this for you and create content and post this across various platforms each and every Day.

Are you looking for leads for your business? We can create great sales funnels and gather details for leads so they are hot and ready to go for you.

Are you looking to build an email list of potential customers you can market to? We can create Email Marketing Funnels along with Email Automation. So we can gather an email list for yourself and then we can send automated emails on a Daily (not advisable), Weekly, Monthly Basis. These could be reminders on sales or promotions or just general information. All with the possible result in potential customers purchasing from you.

We can build up your Search Engine Optimization to ensure you rank higher in the Google/Bing Search Results. We can help create back links across various platforms and your social media platforms to give you a better rating on search engines which will rank you in terms of regular content created. We can research for you great targeted keywords to make you stand out from the rest.