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Expertise and experience in communications, marketing and PR spanning some 25 years, covering corporate, consumer, government and not-for-profit remits.

CJ Consults' pedigree has been earned through work undertaken with some of the most well-known national and international brands when Christine, the company's founder, was a senior consultant with two big City agencies and now as an independent consultant.


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Carol Sue Thompson Gibson

14 August 2018

Such a good job of putting these together thank you so much. I love looking at my family.


Shirley Thompson

14 August 2018

I have spent the day looking at these awesome pictures from my childhood. I cannot thank you enough for posting. You are the best!!


The people I meet and the opportunity to work on projects I can get excited about. I like to work in partnership with my clients, delivering results we can both be proud of. Whether the job is more high level and strategic or operational and hands-on, I put in the same amount of energy - both types of project will receive my best efforts.

The flexibility, enabling me to have a better and more healthy work-life balance

Three reasons:
- I know what I'm talking about
- I won't over-promise and then under-deliver
- I really enjoy what I do for a living!