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We provide Indoor-Outdoor Personal Training, Small Group Training, Collegiate/Varsity Athletic Training, Sports Team Training, & Gym Design Services in Los Angeles! Pet and Kid Friendly too! For individuals, athletes, couples, groups, and sports teams.

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Joanna C.

15 November 2018

Rebecca helped me stay in shape when I got pregnant. I'll admit, I didn't always feel like showing up as the months went on, but I always felt amazing when I left. Her workouts were tailored specifically for me and my needs, and I always felt safe and taken care of! More...


Joe F.

1 March 2018

City Fit LA is Top Notch!I came to Rebecca with the challenge of scoliosis and a number of bulging disks in my back - she readily accepted the challenge and came back to me with a routine tailored specifically to an imbalance in my musculature, bilaterally. She took the time to research, understand my condition, and presenting me with a regimen that has resulted in significant improvement in my quality of life. This is inclusive of being generally pain-free and sleeping better than I ever have... in addition to being a bit stronger and in "beach body" shape. Rebecca has boundless energy, is acutely intelligent, and an excellent leader, all resulting in positive, motivational sessions. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is considering personal training, noting I am reluctant to do so, because I want to keep her all to myself. More...


Nechama K.

14 December 2017

Rebecca is an amazing trainer, she is encouraging and energetic. I love that we work out outside, it really gives you that much needed fresh air. I always feel super energized and pumped for the rest of the day when I work out with her. I love that Rebecca knows just when to switch up the game to keep me on my toes and keep me from getting exhausted. More...


Kelly G.

11 August 2017

I've been training with Rebecca for a few years now, and she is excellent. We train outdoors, which is an amazing way to start the morning. She is thoughtful and prepared, and always has a very personalized training regimen for me. She's helped me train for two half marathons and two triathlons, and goes above and beyond; whether that means sending me weekly "assignments" for my training workouts, keeping me informed about how to stretch to prevent injury, or how to eat before and during a race to keep my energy at its highest. I couldn't recommend Rebecca more. She is focused on my personal fitness goals, and with her help, I've always achieved them. More...


Gordon E.

7 August 2017

Rebecca is by far the best trainer I've ever had. I've been working with her for about a year and a half, and she is always a joy to train with. She keeps detailed notes, has a huge base of knowledge to work from, and caters the workouts to what your body needs to be balanced and strong. I've lost a lot of weight and am stronger than I've ever been. She never checks out during workouts, never checks her phone, stays focused on you and your workout the entire time. Absolutely recommend. More...


Lauren H.

29 October 2015

I just tried my first CityfitLA class yesterday and loved it! I took "Hatha Roast 'Em" at a park that happened to be just a few blocks away from my house, so it was incredibly convenient. I was the only person in the class so it was great to have 1-1 time, especially since it was my first time and I'm not exactly an incredibly experienced yogi-person. I just got Class Pass which is how I found them, but will definitely be using my 3x a month with them! I love that all of the classes are outdoors; it's especially nice to be outside for the yoga classes breathing in fresh air rather than in a stuffy studio. This class was challenging (still sore) but the instructor was very encouraging and I liked that she gave me tips and corrections when necessary. Looking forward to trying more classes! More...


Nas S.

8 August 2015

I took a core class at stoner park in Santa Monica. This was my first outdoor fitness class and it couldn't have been at a better location. I learned stoner park is rated in the top 5 parks in California. This class is meant to be semi private training with no more then 8 people but I got lucky and basically ended up with a personal training session of just me and the instructor. The best part is since I was the only one there, it was 100% about pushing me and making sure I had good form and at a good pace. I have a feeling that even if there was more people they would have made an effort to do all of those things. I really enjoyed the beautiful day, the outdoorsy smells and Santa Monica breeze as I worked out. It got weird for a second as a weird pervert guy came by and started making some crude comments but I have to hand it to Rebecca the instructor for handling the situation with professionalism, putting him in his place, and moving us to another location in the park. She did say that has never happened before.All in all I loved the workout and since they go to different parks it should be pretty easy to find a convenient location. I would recommend these classes for people who like personalized workouts and the outdoors. More...


Allie F.

1 May 2015

This is a great workout class! My trainer was really friendly and organized. She had a lot of good work outs planned -- cardio, core, strengthening, and yoga. I ended up being the only one who showed up for the class so it felt like I had a personal trainer :)But best of all, it was outside in a public park. I loved getting out in to the community after a long day inside an office. And it was nice to see all the adults, kids, and dogs out too! There is nothing like being active on a sunny California day. More...

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COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION: In your complimentary consultation we'll go over your goals, medical issues that need attention and map out what direction makes the most sense for your program.

FIRST SESSION: I'll perform several fitness assessments to find out what precisely needs to be worked on first and how we'll go about doing that as well as establish baselines to compare your progress too. The first session is the most informative, pin-pointing our areas of strength and weakness and by how much we are unbalanced or un-proportionate.

PROGRAM: We'll work towards a realistic timeline to achieve your goals. I am available by phone/text when you need me. I encourage many of my clients to keep me informed about their workout stats and weight progress via text to hold them accountable. To their delight they get humorous emojis, inspirational quotes, and tips on the go.

CELEBRATE RESULTS!: When you achieve your goals we celebrate! Your achievements can get highlighted on the CityFitLA.com website and shared with your friends. The loads of positive support that rolls in is your moment to enjoy and I encourage you keep up the good work!

Training your body is a science that your trainer must be certified in, and I am not talking a cert you get in a day. Trainers must learn the same fundamentals of the body that doctors train in. The CityFitLA experience is high quality and very informative. I collaborate with doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, and top industry professionals to get you the most accurate and up to date information to make you the best fitness program for your personal needs. A trainer's rate represents the quality they offer, so keep this in mind when picking a trainer, just as if you were picking a doctor. It's your body, you will have it for life, so think about how that determines your investment.
Other than picking a quality trainer who will give you the right exercises your body needs, persistence is the key to success. Training will help build your mental discipline, which in turn will help to keep you on track. Nutrition is a huge component of achieving your dream body, so plan to play this hand-in-hand with exercise. I will help you with that too.

Training gives my clients a nice break in their day to focus on themselves in a positive light and hit refresh. The fact that our sessions provide a nice getaway and is a moment my clients look forward too makes my job great. Being a part of your success and that life-changing moment is when I know I have made my impact and that is good enough for me.

To be outdoors is why anyone living in Los Angeles moves here. I started CityFitLA to give people the indoor-outdoor, work-life balance lifestyle that they seek that could also turn their commute time into workout time.

Additionally, the mental strength and positive attitude I developed from going from zero to one in fitness in my personal life has had an enormous impact in all other areas of my life. Fitness is a form of empowerment when leveraged properly, that can literally change your biochemistry, improve your happiness and increase longevity. When I read a study that exercising to just the minimum standard declared by the Department of Health and Human Services can add 10 years to your life, I knew it was powerful. To influence this change in others was my motivation for starting CityFitLA.

I have been coaching fitness for over 15 years and have worked first-hand with many different kinds of clients and health issues and know what works and what doesn't. The reason my clients train with me is for my contagious positive energy and attitude, my ability to motivate, I offer indoor/outdoor locations nearby (most opt for outdoors) with my own equipment, and creative programming customized for you where I explain what exactly you are working, where you should feel it, and why we are doing it. The best way to learn what training with me is like is to read my client testimonials on my website, Yelp, or Thumbtack. I promise you will have fun, grow, and achieve many goals with me.

I offer a complimentary consultation over the phone for first-time clients where I share recommendations on how to achieve your goals and the kind of program I would recommend based on your health background. I think it's important to do your research when looking for a trainer because this is going to be a personal investment in your health and you want to make sure it's the right fit. So you certainly can take advantage of this and book a time with me if you're still in research mode and we can chat more.



One-on-one personal training with a certified professional fitness and health trainer who will provide a custom workout program to meet your goals. Choose from many program goals: Look Good: Weight Loss, Firming & Toning, Body-building Feel Good: Pre-Natal, Post-Partum, Functional Fitness for Seniors, Rehab Training, Combat Health-Condition Be Good: Strength Training, Athletic Performance Training, Marathon/Triatholon Training Visit CityFitLA.com for a free over the phone consultation. A la carte $90/session; 4-pack $85/session; 8-pack $80/session

Whether you want to work out as a couple, with a group of friends, your sorority/fraternity, or are looking for a group bonding experience, CityFitLA trainers can give you the best experience because we like to gamify exercise to make it fun! We know how to work with groups with multiple levels by providing modified and advanced variations of the exercises we share. Choose from many program goals: Look Good: Weight Loss, Firming & Toning, Body-building Feel Good: Pre-Natal, Post-Partum, Functional Fitness for Seniors, Rehab Training, Combat Health-Condition Be Good: Strength Training, Athletic Performance Training, Marathon/Triatholon Training Visit CityFitLA.com for a free over the phone consultation. $50 per person

Custom personal training fitness for student-athletes looking to land a college sports scholarship. Includes pre-season, supplementary seasonal and off-season training. Focuses on re-alignment, muscle rebalancing, injury prevention, speed, power, agility, & strength, as well as cross-training. A la carte $90/session; 4-pack $85/session; 8-pack $80/session

CityFitLA provides professional gym designing services to make your dream gym. Work with an expert designer who can recommend a functional and safe layout, suggest design ideas, and recommend the best products on the market in terms of safety, function and durability. We can help make your home gym an appealing and exciting environment, a space you want to spend time in. Clients often say it's the best room in their house once we're done. We deliver on all the details from floor to ceiling to fulfill your dream gym. To contact us for a free consultation, visit http://www.cityfitla.com/gym-design.html. Pricing starts at $2,000.

Athletes need coaches to teach them the game and tactics and coordinate the plays. But athletes also need proper fitness training in order to maximize performance in a systematic and scientific way as well as prevent injury. CityFitLA offers trainers as a supplement to coaches for sports teams. Our trainers work hand-in-hand with coaches to provide the best training drills and programs to create high-performing winning teams. We work with teams on training day, off days as well as pre and off-season. Trainers focus on re-alignment, muscle rebalancing, injury prevention, speed, power, agility, & strength, as well as cross-training. Build a winning team today with a CityFitLA trainer. Visit CityFitLA.com to request a free consultation. $200/hour

If you are a bride-to-be, grad-to-be, or maybe you are just wanting to get beach-body ready for all your summer social events, this is the package for you! I focus strictly on exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck in slimming down and toning your body with definition. You train 2+ days a week at high intensity so we can count you down in confidence for your debut. Recommend starting a minimum of 12 weeks prior to event. Depending on the ambition of your goals, we will be able to accomplish most goals within 6 months or less.