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Amvoc, a leading telemarketing and telesales agency in London, UK offers Outsourcing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting along with Copywriting services. Get a variety of direct selling expertise both for products and services in a wide variety of sectors.

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Jovin Page

4 May 2019

Brilliant place to work!I have worked for Amvoc for over two years now and came in with no previous sales experience. The management team are fantastic and give you all the training required to ensure you have the skill set to not only strive to reach targets but to smash them out of the park. Most of the managers came in as an agent before working up to their current positions so career progression is there for who want it.The staff are just like one big family and ensure every new recruit feels welcomed into the companyAs with any sales job there are targets for each account - both individual and as a team - with tailored bonus structures applicable to all which are very generous, and more than achievable .If you have a fire in your belly and a passion to release your full potential then this is the place for you!If you just want to cruise through life without progression then you need not applyAlongside the bonus structures there are other incentives such as the employee of the month award where previous prizes have included a 50 inch TV (Two of which were won) and a trip to Ibiza as well as manager of the month awards alsoNever had any issues with pay during my experience here so this is odd to read during other reviews?All in all - 10/10 from me!!!! More...


Jessica Claire Humphreys

4 May 2019

Fast Paced but very fun environment to work within. I have only worked here a short while, but have already gained valuable sales experience. Working to targets helps me to push myself, which suits me well. More...


Ben Nickelson

4 April 2019

I have worked for around 8 different sales company's and i have to say Amvoc is by far the best in my experience. The basic salary is very reasonable, The bonus structure is fantastic. Really good training provided. Great opportunity's to progress, all the managers and directors are promoted from within. The Leeds office is light, spacious and clean and even has a pool table for lunch breaks. Brilliant employee of the month prizes from 50 inch TV's (which i won in my first month) to holidays to Ibiza. People actually want to come in to work and everyone seems really happy with the company. The MD Damian is very motivational and passionate about his company and it really comes across in the meetings we have. The employees are a really diverse, driven and professional group. Everyone wants to see each other succeed and it's a very fast paced work environment. The only downsides are you don't know what your bonus will be until around the day it's paid and the percentage of cancellations can be higher than you would expect. If you don't put the effort in and If you can't sell or create appointments you won't last very long, but if you are prepared to commit to the job, you can sell and you see it as a career then you will absolutely smash it. Earning 1500 a month in bonus alone is more than achievable (depending on which account you are working on) Overall it has been a really positive working experience for me and a breath of fresh air when compared to other sales company's. It's great for young people who don't have commitments but when you are in a position like me with 3 children to support you could do with knowing in advance what you will be getting in terms of bonus so you can budget your money properly. That being said it really is a brilliant place to work and I am looking forward to continuing to work here for many years to come. Thanks due to Andrew Jackson the man ,the myth, the legend for getting me an interview. :) More...


Rob Crompton

4 April 2019

AMVOC did some really good marketing work with my firm. They worked with us on some B to B and some B to C projects and showed professionalism and lots of energy. I'm happy to endorse them!


Leon Hady

4 March 2019

A good company and team, effective and strong follow up with calls. Know what they are doing and connected us with schools and businesses, would use again.


Jamie Fell

4 February 2019

Working here has been an absolute pleasure. All members of staff are super friendly and everyone is always there to make you feel at home. Great working environment and individually and as a company everyone is always striving for more!! Great management who push you in all the right ways, 10/10 from me! More...


lauren winn

4 February 2019

Fast pace enviroment that pushes you to achieve your best within marketing, keep up and you'll go far if not you'll be left behind.


Karl Kozyra

4 February 2019

Fantastic place to work with great management behind it! never had any problems with pay so have to question the other reviews would recommend Amvoc to anyone wanting a career in sales!!



4 February 2019

Amazing fast paced working environment, really sales driven people here, if you do well you'll achieve alot


Lauren Cosgrove

4 February 2019

Fanastic working enviorment, managers drive employees to success and give you every opportunity to start/maintain your sales career.


Michael Main

4 December 2018

Been working at Amvoc nearly 2 years, and have to question the previous reviews. Great place to work. Strong management and an MD that encourages staff development.


Rebecca Summersall

4 August 2018

Great place to work if you’re looking at getting into sales, training is excellent, good management. Not too sure about the other reviews regarding pay issues, worked there a few years ago and was always paid on time.


Wendy Stones

4 June 2018

I work for Amvoc. We promote high energy and positive attitude in the workplace with a strong ethos and morality with our clients.


Nathan Leroux

4 June 2017

Great company to work for where an amazing Managing Director encourages strong work ethic.