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Amanda Ridyard Saturday Counselling

Bolton, Borough of Bolton, Lancashire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Amanda Ridyard Saturday Counselling logo

Amanda Ridyard Saturday Counselling

Bolton, Borough of Bolton, Lancashire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Offering a warm welcome and somewhere calm and confidential to talk and be heard. I invite you to speak openly and freely without fear of feeling judged or interrogated in a safe space that is just for you. (see me at www.


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15 December 2018

Amanda has been helping me over the past couple of months. I could not praise her enough for her approach, understanding and insight. Amanda is thoroughly professional in her approach and always greets and leaves you with a smile. More...

I consider myself genuinely blessed to meet and work with such wonderful creative and remarkable souls. I will, forever be, indebted to these amazing people and for that I am sincerely grateful x



9 November 2018

I would 100% recommend Amanda. She is supportive, honest and caring. Having weekly sessions with her is helping me get where I want to be. The sessions always end really positive and leave me feeling motivated. She is great at giving me some clarity on my thoughts and feelings. More...

Thank you so much ‘J’ I feel humbled if not blessed to have the privilege of working with someone so lovely xxx


Melissa Thorley

29 September 2018

Amanda is very professional with a very sympathetic approach. She is very astute , understanding and calming. Brilliant at giving you a positive way to look at a situation. Would highly recommend Amanda .

I consider myself privileged to have met and worked with such wonderful people; indeed, some of the nicest people I have ever met were in a therapy room. #humbled and deeply grateful x

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Being a counsellor allows me to be my true self. No pretence, no expectations, without an agenda. My work is ingrained into who I am and what I represent as a human being.
Learning the skill set was a challenging but vastly rewarding experience offering me growth, compassion and insight into human nature and the ability to survive against the obstacles that life sometimes throws our way. Seeing the ‘light bulb moments’ fill me with joy, pride and shared jubilation. As Patch Adams said “if you treat the Person, you Win every time”.

I have volunteered over 450 free counselling hours and whilst I really enjoyed my work, the sessions were time limited and focussed on scores to secure funding to stay open. For me, the session is all about the client. Running my own business affords me the opportunity to work at the client’s pace, and for as long as the client wishes to attend.
Often, sessions are used up in building the relationship, and the deep meaningful dialogue comes later. Working privately, sessions are open-ended, which allows the client the time they need to work through these feelings - not based on a fixed plan.

I am confident in my skill set and ability as a therapist and have hundreds of client hours experience as well as an excellent feedback record and recommendations. I am person center based and work Integratively (utilising other approaches with useful flexibility) working collaboratively with each client’s personal dynamic. I consider myself open minded, flexible, and adaptable, and I see each person with sincerity and hope for their journey.