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Loft Conversion costs in 2021

Average Price

How much does a Loft Conversion cost on average?

Want to add value to your property with a loft conversion but unsure how much it’ll set you back? We’ve put this handy guide together to help you figure out the cost.

What is a Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions transform your loft or attic space to give you additional rooms and add value to your property. The style will depend on the size and shape of your property. Your contractor will either build on top of your existing roof or completely rebuild it to add more usable space.

What’s the average cost of a Loft Conversion? 

Not all loft conversions were created equal! They come in all shapes and sizes, with costs varying depending on the labour required and the complexity of the job. 

To give you a general idea here’s a breakdown of the average price based contractor fees across Canada: 

Loft Conversion costs
Average cost (in total)$28,000
Minimum cost (in total)$6,000
Maximum cost (in total) $50,000

Factors influencing cost 

Before you go ahead with a loft conversion, you need to think about what would work best for your budget and the property. Here are some key points to help you make your decision: 

  • Type of loft conversion

  • Your location

  • Interior jobs 

Type of loft conversion 

The type of loft conversion you opt for will be the biggest determiner of costs. Cheaper loft conversions such as dormers focus more on adding more natural light rather than changing the structure and layout of the room, as you would find in a hip to gable conversion. 

The type of loft conversion you choose will depend on your property type as well as what you want to achieve. For example, you may want to install a bedroom and an ensuite or simply increase the usability of the space by adding more natural light. 

Let’s have a more detailed look at the different types of loft conversions and their prices: 

Loft Conversion prices by type
Type of loft conversionHighest average price Lowest average price
Dormer loft$20,000$13,000
Mansard loft$50,000 $15,000
Hip to gable loft$50,000 $18,000

Dormer loft

Dormer lofts are often referred to as ‘box conversions’ due to the shape they create on top of your roof. Compared to other loft conversion types, dormers are by far the cheapest. They start at around $13,000, though the price could be even cheaper for smaller roof spaces. 

Dormer lofts are a lot less labour intensive. All your labourer needs to do is add a structure on top of the roof space, rather than rebuilding or remodelling the outside walls. 

Hip to gable

Most homes have a sloping roof which would prevent you from making full use of your loft space even when converted. A hip to gable loft conversion removes the slope and builds upwards so that the wall remains straight on one side until it reaches the top of your roof.

Hip to gable conversions is a large investment compared to dormer loft conversions, starting at around $18,000, and rising to $50,000 or more in some cases. 

Mansard Loft

Taking inspiration from 17th-century French architecture, Mansard lofts add on a brand new roof to your home. You’ll get plenty of usable space with a mansard loft, as they are built flat and upwards rather than being sloped. 

Like hip to gable loft conversions, mansard lofts are one of the most expensive loft conversion types. However, the stunning finish they give will undoubtedly increase the value of your home, so they are well worth it if within budget. Your property type and personal taste will greatly influence which style you go for. 


Like most services, the price will also be influenced by where you live. Prices tend to be higher in major, larger cities to accommodate for the higher cost of living. Here’s a rough idea of how much you’ll pay in two major Canadian cities: 

Loft Conversion costs by location
LocationMaximum costMinimum costAverage cost

Interior jobs

Once your loft conversion is built, you’ll need to make sure it’s liveable! Remember that you may need to pay a contractor for interior jobs, such as removing old roof trusses, installing windows and insulation. 

You should also factor in the cost of any architects or interior designers. If you are installing a bathroom, this could add around $5,000 to the project depending on the size and spec. For bedrooms or offices, you’ll also need to think about the cost of decorations and furnishings once the building work has been completed.

Getting a loft conversion - is it worth the cost? 

If you’ve outgrown your property but you’re not keen on moving, then a loft conversion is an ideal solution! From growing families to home offices, and even landlords looking to increase their yields - a loft conversion has endless benefits. The best loft conversions are carried out by trusted, regulated companies. These will add the most value to your home, especially when executed to a high standard. 

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