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How much does Kitchen Fitting & Remodelling cost?

Average Price
$3,000 - $8,000

What is the price of Kitchen Fitting & Remodelling?

Are you thinking about hiring a kitchen fitter to transform your kitchen? Read our handy guide to find out how much you can expect to pay for kitchen installation in Canada.

What is Kitchen Fitting & Remodelling?

Hiring a kitchen fitter will ensure that your new kitchen is installed to the highest standards, whether you’re upgrading your kitchen countertops or considering a complete kitchen refit.

When you hire a kitchen fitter, you’ll need to supply your kitchen cabinets, fixtures and fittings. Your kitchen fitter will then complete a dry fit, involving building and fitting your kitchen cabinets, sink, taps, appliances and any other fittings.

The majority of kitchen fitters will also offer additional services for an extra cost. These include removing your old kitchen, plastering and re-tiling your walls and floors or painting your kitchen.

It’s important to understand that a kitchen fitter will not connect your appliances to mains supplies or set them up. This means that you may also need to hire a gas plumber, electrician or plumber to connect your new appliances up.

How much does Kitchen Fitting & Remodelling cost?

Choosing to hire an independent kitchen fitter gives you greater control over the design and fit of your kitchen. But what is the price of hiring a kitchen fitter in Canada?

The cost of kitchen installation will depend on the size of your kitchen, the services that you require and your location. Although there is no fixed rate for kitchen fitting and remodelling in Canada, a breakdown of the average costs of hiring a kitchen fitter is given below.

Average cost of getting a new kitchen fitted
Average cost$5,000
Minimum cost$3,000
Maximum cost$8,000

What changes the price of Kitchen Fitting & Remodelling?  

The cost of hiring a kitchen fitter will depend on several different factors including:

  • Kitchen size

  • Services required

  • Location

Kitchen size

The cost of installing your kitchen will depend on the size of the kitchen being fitted and how many cabinets are being installed. A small and compact galley kitchen will be significantly cheaper to install than a large family kitchen. This is due to the amount of time that it will take to fit a large kitchen.

Services required

The total cost of your kitchen installation will also be influenced by any services that you decide to add on. This might include removal of your old kitchen, plastering, painting or tiling. Any additional services that you require will increase the cost of your kitchen installation.


Your location will also affect the cost of installing your kitchen. This is because kitchen installation prices vary between provinces. Prices also tend to be higher in cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, whilst prices in more rural areas are typically lower.

Is it worth paying for independent Kitchen Installation & Remodelling?

Most kitchen suppliers offer their own installation service. However, there are lots of benefits of hiring an independent kitchen fitter instead of paying for a complete supply and installation package.

One benefit of hiring an independent kitchen fitter is that you can mix and match products from different suppliers. That means that if you want to choose cabinets from one company and a countertop from another, you can.

If you want the highest level of control over your kitchen design, hiring an independent kitchen fitter is the way forward. You’ll be able to choose exactly how you want it to be designed and fitted, communicating your wishes directly to your kitchen fitter.

When you hire an independent kitchen fitter, they will be contracted directly to you, rather than being sub-contracted through a retailer. This means that that they are accountable to you and will work to your standards.

There are many benefits of choosing to hire an independent kitchen fitter, but finding the right one for your project is often challenging. When you search for a kitchen fitter on Bark, you can browse the profiles of companies that meet your requirements and read reviews from genuine clients before requesting a quote.

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