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Headshot Photography prices 2021

Average Price
$130 - $295

What is the price of Headshot Photography?

In need of some headshots for yourself or your employees? Read our handy guide to find out how much your photographer will charge for their services.

What is Headshot Photography?

Headshots are images of yourself or your employees, that represent your company values while also reflecting your personality. For example, selfies are rarely seen as professional nor are they high quality, which is why headshots taken by a photographer are preferred instead. 

Headshot photography involves a photographer visiting your workplace and photographing your employees in an unformed way. They’ll make sure the pose, lighting, and camera angles deliver the right kind of look. The top-quality images can be used for your website, professional profiles, or general marketing materials.

Another popular use for headshot photography is for those in the entertainment industry, who are looking to build a portfolio. This includes the likes of actors, models, singers, and TV presenters. Headshots can make or break a career, so they need to show the person off in the best light, and be true to character depending on the industry they work for.

How much does Headshot Photography cost?

The cost of headshot photography ranges between $130 and $295, with an average price of $170.

Typically, headshot photography in a corporate setting is fairly straightforward to complete, therefore isn’t wildly expensive. 

However, entertainment style headshots may be more experimental in terms of the angles, lighting, hair and makeup, backgrounds, etc. If so, it will cost more money because of the additional time and expertise required, versus a generic headshot. 

Headshot Photography prices
Average cost (per hour)$170
Minimum cost (per hour)$130
Maximum cost (per hour)$295

What changes the price of Headshot Photography? 

The cost of headshot photography varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of headshot

  • Number of people

  • Allotted shot number

  • Post-production

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of Headshot

A headshot for a marketing company website isn’t the same as a headshot for a Hollywood casting call. Each requires a different approach from the photographer, and some skills may be more costly than others. 

Headshots can be commercial, comedic, or dramatic in style. So the type of headshot you require may alter the price of the photographer, depending on their specialism. 

Typically, corporate headshots are the cheapest starting at just $180 per person. 

Team shots are the most expensive, ranging between $235 and $360 per session. This is due to the larger number of people that need photographing, which will take longer than one person.

Headshot Photography prices by type of headshot
Type of headshotHighest average priceLowest average price

Number of people

The number of people who require a headshot taken by the photographer will affect the cost. 

However, the benefit for larger groups is that by using a headshot photographer, the images will be the same in terms of size, quality, and style. This is important for website images in particular, which can look odd if not consistent, especially when introducing you employees on your ‘about us’ page.

Look out for any package deals the photographer may provide if you require headshots for a large group of people.

Allotted shot number

Although more of a rarity these days, some photographers still work by the number of camera shots they will give you per shoot. For example, 50 shots per person. If this is the case, then the greater number of shots you select, the more it will cost you.


As with all forms of photography, you can usually request photo editing for an additional fee. This could include anything from background removal to blurring a pesky blemish. Post-production doesn’t usually come as standard, so ask your photographer if it’s something you are concerned about. Remember, the headshot still needs to look natural, so excessive editing isn’t recommended. 


The amount of time the photographer estimates the job will take will be factored into your quote. Some photographers may also charge by the hour rather than a fixed fee. Consider the time needed to not only take the shot but all of the setup time too. Plus any time required for post-production editing.


Photographers vary in experience from those who are new to the profession to those with decades of experience on the job. It might only be a headshot, but that image will speak a thousand words. So consider the experience of the professional carefully, rather than looking for the best price alone. 


The location where your photographer is based will usually impact the cost of hiring them. This is due to a difference in operational costs. On average, photographers cost as little as $130 to hire in Wisconsin, rising to $295 in Toronto.

As photographers set their rates, the true cost will very much depend on their experience and the type of headshot you require, rather than location alone.

Headshot Photography prices in Canada
LocationAverage photographer cost
Calgary $200
Quebec City$155

Keep in mind that the location will also matter if it’s a long-distance from where the photographer is based. If so, the cost of travel expenses and accommodation (if applicable) will be factored into the quote.

Is it worth getting Headshot Photography?

When it comes to photographs of yourself or your team, first impressions count for a lot. Getting that all-important headshot is impossible without the right equipment, knowledge, or technique. Therefore, professional headshot photographers are the best people to complete the job, ensuring the very best outcome for your business or portfolio. 

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