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How much does Wedding Videography cost?

Average Price
$1,000 - $2,500

What is the price of Wedding Videography?

Are you thinking about hiring a videographer to capture your wedding on film? Read our handy guide to find out how much your wedding videography is likely to cost.

What is Wedding Videography?

Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ll want to look back on your special day in the years and even decades to come. Wedding photography is a great way to remember your day but there are some things that just can’t be captured in an image. That’s where wedding videography comes in.

Wedding videographers specialize in capturing your big day on film, to produce a film that you will treasure forever. Their main role is to capture the things that you can’t get from photographs, including emotions, facial expressions, funny moments, and the interactions between your family and friends.

Your wedding video will be how you remember your wedding for the years to come, with future generations looking back on the video to share your magic moment.

How much does Wedding Videography cost?

You’ll need to factor the cost of wedding videography into your budget during your wedding planning, but how much does wedding videography cost?

There are several factors that influence the price of wedding videography, including your location, the package you choose, and the number of videographers you opt for. Although there is no fixed rate for wedding videography, a breakdown of average costs based on local US professionals is given below.

Average cost of a Wedding Videographer
Average cost$1,800
Minimum cost$1,000
Maximum cost$2,500

What changes the price of Wedding Videography?

The cost of hiring a wedding videographer in the US will depend on several factors including:

  • Location

  • Package

  • Number of videographers


The cost of wedding videography can vary depending on which state you live in. Prices are also typically higher than average in larger cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago, whilst they are lower in more rural areas.

You should also be aware that you could incur mileage charges if you choose to hire a videographer who lives outside of your local area. However, your choice of wedding videographer is critical, so it’s worth shopping around to find the perfect candidate.


Wedding videography prices are usually divided into packages, with the price depending on the package you choose. The basic packages will be the cheapest, with the premium packages having a higher price tag.

Basic packages

The basic packages will be the lowest in price and will generally include a feature-length wedding video, along with a highlights reel to share on social media. This will typically be filmed by one videographer and include the wedding ceremony, speeches, and congratulations from your guests. You may also receive some of the unedited footage.

Mid-range packages

The next step up from the basic package is the mid-range package which will typically include one or two videographers who capture footage from the bride and groom getting ready, all the way through to the first dance. Again, this will be edited together into a feature-length film of your special day along with a highlights reel, and you may also receive some of the unedited footage from the ceremony.

Premium packages

If you’re looking for a premium package, you’ll be faced with a higher price tag. Premium packages typically include two videographers to capture your big day. As well as including everything from the mid-range package, you’ll often receive aerial footage of your wedding, as well as a montage of photos and videos to display during your reception.

Average cost of a Wedding Videographer based on the package
PackageAverage cost

Number of Videographers

The price of your wedding videography will also be influenced by the number of videographers that you opt for. Some couples are happy with just one videographer to capture their day and this helps to keep the cost down. However, other couples prefer to have two videographers.

Choosing to hire a second or even a third videographer will mean that none of those special moments will be missed. Both partners can be captured getting ready on the morning of their wedding, and you’ll get more than one angle during your ceremony. Your videographers will be able to capture both the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle and the groom’s face as he sets his eyes on her.

However, opting for more than one videographer will increase the price of your wedding videography, so it’s something you’ll need to consider. It’s important to think carefully about your budget, as well as weighing up what you’re looking for from your wedding videography.

Should I hire a Wedding Videographer?  

Your wedding day will be full of emotions that are hard to capture solely through images. A wedding video brings your day to life, giving you memories to treasure. Although wedding videography isn’t essential, it’s a great way to remember your big day and to give you something to show your children and grandchildren in years to come.

When you’re planning your wedding budget, hiring a wedding videographer is something you need to consider carefully. 

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