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To help others find JOY in the little things. We want to use the outdoors and fitness as a tool for learning more about our self, others, and the world around us, we want to foster HONEST relationships through meaningful events and gatherings, and we want to promote a BALANCED and HEALTHY lifestyle via fitness, adventure, and the ocean.

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9 customer reviews

22 May 2019

Dropped in on holiday
Really great session
Mike was friendly and inclusive would highly recommend it
Thank you!

Reviewed on Google Maps

31 January 2019

On the pricier side for personal training sessions but it's the only serious game in town if you want to make real progress. Staffed by sports medicine graduates from Pepperdine University. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

29 August 2014

It's been exactly two years since I joined CrossFit Malibu. So now I can give a "real" review rather than a "hyped up" review someone might give at the two week mark. My favorite thing about CFM is the happy and supportive community of members.  It's truly and all for one and one for all approach there. Somehow everyone seems to leave their egos way back at the entrance of the driveway. Like Nina N. wrote, "no one is annoying" which is often rare in the gym environment. I also love how the owner, Mike, cares so much about proper form, mechanics, and going at the pace that's right for you.  I've heard some horror stories about other CrossFit boxes (pushing people too hard, giving up form for ego lifts, etc.)  CrossFit Malibu is all about:1. Friendly and supportive community2. Proper form and mechanics3. Quality programming with new workouts every day4. Getting results (and tracking those results) based on what matters most to you.I'm happy to give them a full 5 star rating. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 May 2013

Mike, Kristen and the crew make Crossfit Malibu the best. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, compete and have fun, CFM is the place for you.

Reviewed on Google Maps

22 March 2012

First session is free :) Truly great for anyone at any fitness level. Great gym with women and men (wide age range/various experiences). Sweet smiley people!!! That love working out!!!I haven't seen anyone whine or drag their feet!! WHAT I swear this is the first time I haven't seen anyone at a gym/bootcamp NOT be annoying! And I've been everywhere...I mean, a lot! Everyone's focused on doing their personal best, and it encourages you to do your best, you wont feel self conscious, you will only feel freakin awesome! Mike genuinely cares and makes sure you're using correct form at all times. He is  quick to help you modify/scale back any exercise that may be challenging. No bootcamp-style yelling, he trusts everyone is doing their best. Trainers here are very supportive and welcoming. Come work out next to me in the mornings! I like to call myself the Beast ;) More...

Reviewed on Yelp

13 December 2011

Want real crossfit?... by a competent coach?  Go to CrossFit Malibu.  As soon as you see the place you'll begin to see the difference.  It's a community for ALL seeking a higher level of fitness.  Mike Anderson knows what he's doing... he's a great coach... a great teacher.... and he's always looking out for the safety of his clients. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 May 2011

Fully legit gym! Great place for people of all abilities. People trying to get in shape for the first time and experienced athletes trying to get in the best shape of their lives.

Reviewed on Google Maps

3 May 2011

Amazing crossfit box.  Mike Anderson was born to coach crossfit.  He takes a personal interest in the individual progress of each of the members.  I have been to other crossfit boxes and none compare.  If you want an amazing workout, personalized coaching, a supportive, friendly community, all in a down to earth, welcoming place check out Crossfit Malibu. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

17 October 2010

CrossFit Malibu is an amazing place. The members are friendly, supportive, and motivated. The Coach is everything you want in a CrossFit Box. As a triathlete, I was searching for a way to get change my routine and get better in my 3 sports. I walked into CrossFit Malibu a year ago and was impressed with the coach's knowledge of technique , strength and conditioning and how it will impact my endurance. Today I am more fit - stronger - faster than I have ever been. Training for new PR's in Ironman's or Ultra runs will be easy after a few months doing CrossFit WOD's.
More Importantly, the members are what make this place very special. I don't recommend this place for anyone who is an ego maniac or mean-spirited - Nice people only apply.!! :)

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I use a measurable, observable, and repeatable process that takes individual needs into account. Every person is different and needs something a little different to reach those goals. I am encouraging, but stern. I hold you accountable, but understanding. I take my job seriously, but love to have fun.

Consistency. . . nobody has ever gotten their rockin' bod in a couple of months.

What isn't there to love? I am absolutely passionate about helping people. I have a deep desire to help people become the best versions of themselves and I believe 100% that your health is absolutely correlative to your overall happiness. Fitness is unique in it's ability to teach the client AND the teacher how to be better and I love that each and every one of you makes ME a better person.

I have had many mentors and influential figures in my life encourage me to chase after my dreams, so I did. After working for others for many years, I have come to understand that their is a freedom and and a tremendous amount of thought that goes into creating something that is valued by others. Sometimes that value is multiplied exponentially when you believe and buy into them with all your heart mind and soul, something that isn't found often while working for someone else.

I've never been good about talking about myself, but you can tell the difference of people who do their job because it's their job and the people who do their job because they know they make a difference. Come see for yourself.