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Pasadena, California, Los Angeles County

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Rose Bowl Strength & Conditioning is a full service health and fitness department of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center (RBAC). We service a range of land-based options with goal of Mending the Broken, Empowering the Able, and Optimizing the Performing.

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8 customer reviews

23 July 2018

Awesome to be able to work out in the gym, outside, the pools, the trails. Great example of "constantly varied"!

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4 May 2018

Great place for swimming lessons or for lap swimming. Lockers are clean, pool is heated, and the staff is friendly. Prices are a little high.

Reviewed on Google Maps

9 January 2018

A great facility with a community of fine swimmers and individuals who have overcome surgeries and rehabilitation in the water or the exercise room. Peter has a great command of the pool area with his non-threatening and friendly personality. The staff go to great lengths to serve and protect everyone. More...

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29 September 2017

We love the heated salt water pool, kids mommy and me classes, and all of the staff.

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23 August 2017

Best time to get a lap swim lane, after 1pm. Good locker room and decent gym.

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22 July 2017

Wonderful venue. Attended swim finals for Gerrish Gators swim team! Go Gators!

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3 June 2017

I love the staff. They are very caring. Those lifeguards are helpful. The water is wonderful. You can see the palm trees and beautiful sky. I feel very wealthy there.

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31 May 2017

You get what you look for but also so much more. The obvious is a good work out the not so obvious is the support, friendship, love. It's a happy place. Leave your discontent at the door and come in and look around and talk to people. It's located in a quite little valley where you can find some peace from everyday thoughts. Some days the parking lot is filled and it's hard to find that spot but when you get inside one can't help but smile. So many different age groups young children, school age, teens, young adults,adults, and seniors. Diversity galor....Noone looks the same but everyone is pleasent. It is a joy to me to have this place. One of my favorite places. I love it here. Let me compare it to a summers day. More...

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Identifying goals, mapping a plan, and helping the client get there. In either one-on-one or group context, we aim to equip you with the necessary tools and abilities to achieve your goals.

Commitment to something greater. When it's not about you, hard work and dedication go the extra mile. When it's about getting in shape to play with your kids, or getting stronger to be a bigger contributor on your team, even when it is about recovering the confidence we were born to have in ourselves there is a reason beyond the vain and beyond superficial. That commitment leads to real change.

We love seeing positive change in people's lives. We love seeing weakness become strength, insecurity become confidence, and a group become a team. Fitness is our way of serving those we train. That is a special opportunity we have, and that is why we do it.

We love utilizing the body we've been given. In striving to see what we are capable of, we found the opportunity to bring people along in that journey, and in doing so, impact lives in a positive way.

We have everything one needs to achieve their goals. We are a unique facility that turns a workout into an experience unlike any other. And, most importantly, it works.


One-on-one or small group (2-3) training focusing on individualized goals and abilities.

A fast, fun, boot camp-style group workout. It is a multifaceted approach using all the tools and methods available to us including weights, calisthenics, pools, and parks for a well-rounded fitness program. No two workouts are the same, but all workouts will be modified per an individual's ability.

Applicable to individual athletes or entire teams. We train to build up a strong athletic base, reduce injury, and enhance performance in the specific sport.

While we train the swim, dive, and water polo teams at the RBAC, we do also train non-aquatics athletes. Our clientele includes athletes competing in: triathlon, running (distance and track & field), tennis, golf, soccer, football, and competitive weightlifting (olympic and powerlifting).

For those looking for a workout plan that you can do yourself, or those not local to Pasadena or the LA area, but still wanting to train with us. We provide programming and online-based coaching applicable to all the same contexts as our regular training. Applicable to individuals, a la private training, and teams for sport-specific strength training programming.