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I am a muscle specialist, designing exercise programs in strength, flexibility and whole person health. I co-create programs with you to reach your goals, and also help you to fall in love with the journey of whole person health- strong healthy YOU.


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13 November 2020

I've been working with DebAnn for over 13 years and highly recommend her services. She is knowledgeable and and creates results oriented plans, both mental and physical. Hire DebraAnn!

11 November 2020

I've been lucky enough to work out with Deb for over 10 years and I would give her 10 stars if we could! She is awesome because she is so knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. (Yoga, weight training, step class for aerobic exercise.
She is very motivated, always has a positive attitude and possesses a friendly, natural ability to motivate others. Her energy is endless (which is extremely invigorating).

9 November 2020

Excellent! I have had 15 years of experience with Debra Ann.
She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She holds numerous certifications and always remains on the cutting edge of fitness. She can quickly assess your needs, correct movement patterns and aid in mobility and pain management. She will help you to build strength and endurance. Looking to lose weight? She holds certifications in diet and nutrition as well! More...

9 November 2020

Deb Ann is a joy to work with. As a kinesiologist, she understands how the body works. She will make you stronger without the pain. As a middle aged women, I find Deb’s training very joint friendly. More...

9 November 2020

Deb Ann is very thorough and precise regarding a clients needs and results

8 November 2020

Debra Ann is good at creating a program to work with in your needs if what you want as far as weight training nutrition and
Mobile stability I recommend her to anyone More...

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By listening to them; goals, dreams, and ambitions are mostly achievable with a little grit and getting under the iron. *Grit = nutrition + resistance training + mobility + a good sense of humor!

Having a solid nutritional program in concert with pumping iron will sculpt the perfect body composition ideals. Nutritional balancing is the key concept to body composition.

Helping people release self-limiting thoughts and reach goals that were once thought unreachable.

They should choose me because my programming is client centered; it is not about the no pain no gain mentality, each session is sculpted on meeting the client where they are at that particular moment in time and building on strengths to find hidden skills, energy and connection to movement.

Yes, I perform many session virtually; I use face-time, zoom and webex platforms.

I have two air filters in my studio and four windows that open as well as two fans. I leave 30 minutes between sessions to fully clean the equipment with a combination of GreenCleaner/Perioxde/Iodine solution to sterilize the equipment.


Full Service Client Centered Programming

Weight Loss & Optimizing Whole Health

Mobility & Range Of Motion

Mat Based Core Centric Total Body Movement

Client centered programs based on unearthing hidden talents-skills and strengths to empower the client to make behavioral health lifestyle changes.