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Phil Pearl (Mental Toughness)

Phil Pearl (Mental Toughness)

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: London Hello, I'm Phil Pearl I provide life and executive coaching, personal training and clinical hypnotherapy. My focus is confidence and strength for mind and body. My approach is more about you developing a way of life that is your choice and design - rather than opting out for some fake "life-style". This means Facing life's challenges head-on Making confident choices. Taking action Living your life deliberately and with integrity . Choosing your own authentic path in life and having the courage to be yourself. As a psychological coach, personal trainer and clinical hypnotherapist, I will assist you with the strategies and methods to overcome obstacles and face life's challenges head-on. Having a lean, strong body and engaging passionately with life takes commitment and dedication; this is called MENTAL TOUGHNESS The Challenge of Life and an Act of Courage Wanting to change or improve ourselves is natural; we may all be aware of areas in our lives where we would like to be different, do things differently, have more confidence or make improvements. We may have an idea of what attributes we would like to have or change and some idea of where we are now and where we would like to be. It could be that we make the decision, that there are some things in life, which, we are no longer willing to accept or indignities that we are no longer willing to suffer. Why do people come to see me? People often see me because they are going through changes in their personal or professional lives and need confidence or help to adapt and cope with the demands of their new reality. We all have our ups and downs, the difficulty is when our conditions or the environment changes but we have trouble adapting to them. It could be changes such a promotion, demotion, redundancy or a change of career or personal relationships. We all need the ability to adapt and evolve; this is key to our survival and happiness. In their personal lives, people may become aware of things they would like to differently, have more confidence with or be more effective at, such as relationships, family and social concerns. Some people may have had a difficulty or anxiety for a long time including behavioural or emotional difficulties. Often people may be anxious or worried about certain situations in their lives. A key point is that we may over estimate a perceived threat to our well-being, self-esteem, careers or relationships. There may be a miss match between what we perceive is happening in the outside world and how we interpret the threats and demands in our inner world. We may make assumptions and inferences about others, the world, or ourselves that are unhelpful and blocking us from our aims and objectives. We all have areas in our lives that we would like to improve or where we lack confidence. We may need to make changes, move outside our comfort zones; increase our mental toughness, resilience and confidence to take on new challenges and cope more effectively with the demands of life. 


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