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Start by telling Bark what you’re looking for. Is it time for a routine trim, or are you treating your pet to its very own spa day? Tell us what you need from an Edinburgh pet grooming service, and we’ll do the rest.


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Bark provides all the details you need to make an informed decision. Read past reviews and customer ratings, or contact the professionals directly to learn what each one can offer you.

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Caring for your pet

There are a host of benefits to regular pet grooming. The most important being the health and wellbeing of your pet. If your cat or dog’s hair is long and unkempt, they could experience skin issues. Routine trimming also keeps pets cool in the summer and stops hair from covering their eyes. Pet grooming professionals will be able to spot early signs of health issues, such as dry skin or weight loss. Additionally, they’ll keep an eye out for any fleas, ticks, or mites.

Another benefit of pet grooming is that it can help control shedding. This means that both your pet and your home will be kept clean. A grooming professional will know how best to care for certain breeds and hair types.

Are you considering entering your pet as a show dog? You’ll want to make sure that their paws, teeth, and coat are in superb condition. Look to find a professional who specialises in preparing for pet shows.

Trusting your groomer

Every animal is different. The right professional will ask questions so they can get to know your pet. For example, how do they react to grooming? Some animals are nervous when being physically handled, and may require extra coaxing.

Other pets may have behavioural issues, but this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Pet grooming professionals work with animals every day, and will know what to do if one starts acting up. If you’re looking for a pet salon, it’s likely that other animals will be there. The professional will ask if this is a potential issue. Their priority will be the welfare of all pets in their care.

One of the reasons why it’s always advisable to have a pet professionally groomed, is that they’ll know exactly what products to use. For example, they’ll use shampoos suited to certain hair types, as well as hypoallergenic options if your pet has sensitive skin.

Getting the best deal

We all want what’s best for our pets. That being said, regular professional grooming can be hard to fit around a busy schedule. If you’re stuck for time, a professional can offer just a light trim and clip. However, if you’d rather make appointments for every other month, you could potentially get a deal that handles your pet’s nails, teeth, and coat.

You might be better suited to a professional that comes to you. Home and mobile pet grooming is popular in Edinburgh. These types of services mean your pet is getting the care it needs, with little disruption to your routine.

Caring for a pet can be expensive. It’s less about cutting corners, and more about getting the best value for money. Bark can match you with quotes to suit all budgets. You may want a simple and cost-effective trim, or find something more luxurious such as a ‘pet spa’. Prices may vary dependent on the breed of your pet.
Good Boys Pet Grooming profile image

Good Boys Pet Grooming

Good Boys is a mobile pet grooming service in Edinburgh. Their services include routine washing and brushing, nail trimming, and hand stripping. Good Boys offer a quality service for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals.

Hear from
a professional

What made you pursue pet grooming as a profession?

I’d like to think everyone’s in this job because they love animals – I certainly am! I had years of hands-on experience volunteering at kennels. We often took in abused or abandoned dogs. Grooming was a big part of getting certain dogs to trust people again. Although now my work is quite different, I get the same reward from it.

What services do you offer customers?

We want to be as convenient for our customers as possible. Sometimes they just pop in needing a wash and a brush. For less regular visitors, we offer ‘bundle’ deals. These start with brushing and trimming the coat, cutting the nails, and giving the teeth a good scrub. We joke that it’s a bit of a pet MOT.

How do you ensure an animal is comfortable during grooming?

The number one rule is not to rush. This could lead to both mistakes and improper handling. You soon learn the signs of when an animal is stressed. If a dog is trembling, whining, or panting, we take a break to calm them down. Positive reinforcement works wonders too, whether that be petting them or offering treats.

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Example requests

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What kind of pet needs grooming?

Cat – British shorthair

How often do you need pet grooming?

A few times a year

What pet grooming service is best for you?

A service where I go to the groomer’s location

What grooming services do you need?

Bathing, cutting, and nail trimming

What day(s) is your pet available for grooming?

Saturday and Sunday

Any additional information we should be aware of?

This will be our cat’s first time being professionally groomed, so he may be nervous

What kind of pet needs grooming?

Dog – Old English sheepdog

How often do you need pet grooming?

Once a month

What pet grooming service is best for you?

A service where the groomer visits my home

What grooming services do you need?

A bath, cutting, and brushing any knots or tangles

What day(s) is your pet available for grooming?

I’m flexible

Any additional information we should be aware of?

Barney is quite old and has hip problems, so the groomer will need to be gentle

What kind of pet needs grooming?

Dog – Maltese terrier

How often do you need pet grooming?

Once every six weeks

What pet grooming service is best for you?

A mobile grooming service

What grooming services do you need?

Nail trimming, bath, and dry

What day(s) is your pet available for grooming?

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Any additional information we should be aware of?

Our Maltese can be quite loud around other dogs

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