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Finding an Immigration Lawyer

Tell us why you need a lawyer. At Bark, we can help you find the right solicitor for your needs – just explain what aspects of immigration law you require help with. Our Glasgow-based immigration lawyers are fully accredited and can offer advice on any situation.


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Finding the right lawyer for you

Why find an immigration solicitor with Bark?

Finding an immigration lawyer in Glasgow who is perfectly suited to you can be difficult. Word of mouth only goes so far and, for more personal complaints, a solicitor suited to your friend may not be suited to you. Through Bark, you can choose a lawyer who fits your exact needs. Don’t waste your time scouring the internet, we have immigration lawyers with a range of specialisations who can match your exact criteria.

Breaking down the language barrier

The bespoke service offered by our highly sought after immigration lawyers is built around you. It can be daunting to seek legal advice around your immigrant status when you’re not fluent in the local language – especially in an area with as strong a regional accent as Glasgow. We strive to make the process as easy as possible. When collating your quotes we can aim to find you an immigration lawyer who speaks your native language, making discussing your legal issues as easy as possible.

The immigration issues we can assist with

Whatever your requirements, we can find a solicitor for you. Every immigrant faces different issues when arriving in a new country. Perhaps you’re in need of advice regarding your ability to work or study in Scotland, or you’re a representative of an international business looking to understand how to invest in the UK. Maybe you’re simply unsure of the rules around family visas or have other immigration-related queries. Whatever your needs, we’re here to assist.
Jaideep Kalsi LLP – Immigration lawyer, Glasgow profile image

Jaideep Kalsi LLP – Immigration lawyer, Glasgow

Inspired by his Indian background, Jaideep Kalsi became an independent immigration lawyer in 2013 after receiving a degree in law from the University of Edinburgh.

Hear from
a professional

How long have you been involved in immigration law?

I first became interested in immigration law after I obtained my legal degree. While I had initially seen my future in corporate law, my first work placement in Glasgow was within a firm that focussed on immigration. The cases we worked on involved people of many different nationalities facing issues with work and student visas, as well as naturalisation. As a child of immigrants, these cases really resonated with me. Since then I’ve focussed on ensuring that people with the ability to work and the right to stay in the UK can do exactly that.

Do you work with both business and personal matters?

Of course! My work covers almost everything and I have experience dealing with clients facing all manner of situations from a variety of backgrounds. I’ve had business immigration clients looking for sponsor licences as well as asylum seekers who are facing deportation following allegations that they are illegal workers. On a daily basis I deal with a huge range of legal issues and a number of nationalities. Whatever my clients need, I strive to deliver a fantastic service.

What issues do you deal with most frequently?

Overstayed visas and visa applications are some of the most common points I offer legal advice on. These are particularly popular issues among families, with citizens by marriage seeking permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain after coming to Scotland. Families can also struggle to obtain British citizenship for relatives from their home country. This is another aspect of immigration law that I frequently advise on.

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Immigration Lawyers FAQs

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Immigration law is complicated and lawyers are vital. For this reason, immigration lawyers do not tend to be cheap. There are different costs attached to the many different services they offer and the specific situation you need help with.

In some circumstances, it is essential to work with an immigration lawyer. For instance:

  • If you are looking to employ workers who were born overseas.

  • If you are currently embroiled in court proceedings due to immigration.

  • If you are inadmissible and not being allowed into the country in question.

If you have reached the stage where you are due to go to court for an immigration issue then it is advisable to have a lawyer who will be able to go to court with you and represent your case.

Do I need a lawyer for green card applications
Many people are unsure if they need an immigration lawyer for green card applications. It is not essential, and sometimes, in a very straightforward application, a lawyer might not be necessary.

Straightforward applications are rare, and if you think your application might be a struggle then it is best to seek legal advice and assistance with filing your green card application.

It is natural to wonder if an immigration lawyer is worth the cost. You can find a lot of information online and considering the high costs, some people wonder if they can handle their case themselves.

If you want to have the best chance of success, the specialist knowledge of an immigration law firm may well be worth the money. Immigration cases are rarely simple and even filling out a form correctly can be a daunting task for people who have never done it before. Finding the right advice can make all the difference, and when it comes to your rights to live and work in a country, it can be worth the extra investment to ensure the best chance of getting the desired outcome.

Always ensure that you provide all relevant paperwork and evidence to your lawyer to give you the best possible chance of success.

It is vital that you work with professionals, and depending on where you are based, certain restrictions might be put in place to regulate the industry and ensure that only trusted and regulated lawyers can offer their services.

The USA has certain authorized immigration services that people can use. Authorized service providers are accredited by the Department of Justice via their Office of Legal Access Programs, and attorneys in good standing are not subject to any order restricting their ability to practice law. Using an authorized service ensures you are in safe hands.

These services can give advice regarding documentation, explain immigration options, and communicate on your behalf with USCIS. They can also represent you before USCIS in certain situations.

In the UK, The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is responsible for regulating immigration services and has certain standards that lawyers must meet. They are bound by law to have insurance against giving bad advice and to keep up to date with the most current immigration advice.

So that people can check which lawyers are regulated, the OISC maintains a register of the immigration advisers that can be checked for immigration law specialists in your local area.

What are the steps to take to ensure you find a good immigration lawyer? Merely being regulated by an official body isn’t enough, so if you are looking to find the immigration law specialist to give your case the most chance of success, there are a few things you can do.

Agree a fixed price beforehand
An immigration lawyer should be happy to discuss and agree on a fee for the services before you get started, and if not, it should send alarm bells ringing. Ask for a fee structure and work with the lawyer to understand exactly what you need.

If you are wondering how much an immigration lawyer costs then having a fixed fee agreed may also put your mind at ease.

Research the Immigration Lawyer in question
You can find reviews and testimonials and in some cases, you might even be able to get a recommendation for a lawyer. A good place to start is with the regulatory bodies who oversee the immigration law industry in your area, who may keep directories such as that of the OISC in the United Kingdom.

Talk to multiple Immigration Law Specialists
There is no harm in having conversations with multiple professionals as you try to establish which is going to be best for you. They will likely be able to provide you with some background, and even examples of high-profile cases involving criminal immigration law and marriage immigration law that they have been connected to. Some firms and immigration solicitors will also be able to share their success rates.

You are likely to get a gut feeling from your conversations of who will have the best grasp of your specific case and the help you need.

Be wary if it sounds too good to be true
If a lawyer makes promises of success or tries a “hard sell” then you should be wary. Instead, have an honest conversation about what you need. No lawyer can guarantee success, so if they are pushy then it should be a warning sign.

Yes. Immigration lawyers are able to provide legal advice from any location, so where you're based won't get in the way of receiving the professional support you need. As long as you're able to discuss your needs with your expert over the phone or via video chat, you're good to go.



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