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I provide leadership and transition coaching solutions for life. Perhaps you are feeling isolated, worthless, lonely, stressed, overwhelmed and want to feel different. I can help you remove those feelings and bring you back to balance. From there we can work together to build happiness and joy so you feel energised, focused and in control to achieve any outcome you want.

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Helping people to remove things that are stopping them from finding happiness and joy in life.

To be able to act quickly to our ever changing world events. In order to be able to offer clients what they need. Through combining and integrating 17 years in the corporate landscape, with a passion for learning, nurturing, developing people I feel uniquely positioned to help coach people to achieve the results they want.

As a person with a growth mindset I am always looking at ways to integrate new cutting edge modalities, interventions, techniques and tools into the solutions I offer clients. Meaning clients don't need to go anywhere else to achieve the results they want.

I will use humour, enthusiasm, warmth, attentive listening and energy to build a powerful coaching relationship with you to help you achieve the results you want.

I am looking forward to getting started and helping you to change, transform, evolve your life.

I can provide my services and solutions online or face to face, whatever the clients' preference.

Following government advice and regulations to be fully compliant of what is expected.


- Career change
- Personal circumstances change
- Identity change.

With transition coaching I can help you address, remove blocks, barriers or beliefs you have about reaching your outcome(s).

Themes that clients come to see me about include, but are not limited to:

- Dealing with anger and guilt
- Overwhelm, stress, sleep disorders
- Sadness, low mood, feeling isolated
- Feeling alone.
- Loss of connection to peers as a result of personal circumstances change.

I use a range of modalities to help you get the results you want. All techniques are used with respect for the individual in mind.

Common themes I am asked to provide solutions for and coach on include:

Building resilience in challenging workplaces.
How to successfully have difficult conversations.
Mental health management.
Holistic work/life balance and wellbeing.
Dealing with anger and guilt.
Stress Management and overwhelm.
Sadness, low mood, feeling isolated, and loss of connection as a result of workplace change.

It’s also about returning ourselves to balance and joy. From here, minds are clearer, bodies are more energised and we are able to do more and be more of our true selves.