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Manchester, Lancashire


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Get a free quote from this professional


Professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Digital Marketing expert.

I provide search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and social media (SMM) services to a wide range of clients from many different business sectors.

I have a solid track record of consistently delivering exceptional results for my clients.

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7 customer reviews

30 June 2019

Absolutely brilliant work done by Peter. Cannot recommend him enough! Got our struggling site from nowhere to 1st position on google.

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2016

Peter is a great SEO expert he knows how to do the job. Highly recommend.

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 May 2015

Needed some SEO work done on my site and found Peter on the first page of google so I figured that he knew his stuff and I wasn't wrong. He's done great work for my business and what most impressed me of all is that he was available 24/7 for any questions I had. Very nice guy as well! Would definitely recommend and I'm sure I'll be in contact again for future projects.Thanks again Pete,Daniel More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 May 2015

Fantastic Company! Did a great job optimising our website. Highly recommend.

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 May 2015

Hired Peter Wootton to set up a Adwords campaign for our new business tax relief website. He did a great job and we're steadily getting new clients as a result of his work. Will be using his services again in the future. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 May 2014

Peter has been brilliant for my business, his expert knowledge has helped us climb the SEO rankings in a highly competitive market. I fully recommend him and continue to us him for all my Google based needs. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 May 2014

Very good service from Peter, excellent design skills and attention to detail. He developed me a great new website in a matter of 2 weeks. Friendly and professional and quick approach - I would really recommend Peter's web service business to anyone. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps


A website should be able to accomplish one thing: to provide the user with the information that they want. When things are made as easy and user-friendly as possible, everyone wins.


There’s more to SEO than just re-writing your copy.
Naturally, keywords on the page are important. But they're only part of the mix. At Wootton SEO, we help your site with the broader picture, delivering improvements more likely to last. A good SEO strategy is a combination of on-page optimisation, fine-tuning your site under the hood, and creating a successful link building strategy to increase your power and draw visitors to your site. Month on month, you’ll see results.

When the search engines come to rank your website they will do so based on a number of criteria. Whilst high-quality content containing your target keywords will help, another criterion that must not be ignored is that of quality inbound links.

During the early days of SEO, the appearance of a particular search term throughout your content would have been enough to make you visible in the search results. As interest in the web increased and the number of companies buying domains and using their website as a marketing tool went up, the search engines needed to find another way in order to rank the pages in a useful order.

Leading the way Google came up with the Page Rank system, a system which gave each page on the web a points score, and the higher your points score the better your chance of getting ranked. In order to score well, Google began to consider the number of links pointing to a particular page, by judging the volume of links, the relevance of the links to the search term in question, the search engine would determine how many points you got.

Should a website have a number of links from pages of relevant nature and that already had a good page rank (point score), those links would be worth more to the website being linked to (your website would essentially be sharing points with other relevant websites). For example, a photographer looking to improve his rankings for the term "wedding photographer" will gain points if his site has many links from pages about florists, photographers, and dress hire shops.

SEO Link building quickly became an important element of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing and remains so today. Wootton SEO delivers a comprehensive link building service as part of our overall search engine optimisation strategy. Using natural link building techniques we deliver a flow of high-quality inbound links that will boost your site's importance and ultimately increase your listings.

Get noticed by search engines. Get read by real people.
A great site gives visitors exactly what they want. We’ll help you discover what that is. Good content generates more conversions, sales, and inbound links – as well as bringing more visitors to your site. Using our knowledge, we'll find a unique content strategy that works for you, drawing more visitors and driving increased sales, further increasing your ROI.

There's no substitute for solid SEO auditing.
SEO audits are important. That's why we take the time to get the job done right. All our clients receive a professional audit carried out by a person, not by a computer. At Wootton SEO, we’re certain there’s no substitute for putting a real person at the helm. Our auditors will discover the best way to drive your campaign forward, seeking out opportunities that automated processes often miss. By putting a real person in charge, our audits are simply better.

Performing an SEO analysis offers us an insight into how your website is currently performing and how well optimised your website/webpage is for a specific keyphrase. By completing an SEO website analysis of your site and comparing it to the top ten results pages of the search engines, we can gather information and put together a detailed plan of recommendations in order to boost your rankings for a specific keyphrase.

When completing an SEO page analysis there are generally two measures to be considered; Relevance and Popularity.

Relevance, in this case, refers to the degree to which the content of the page returned in a search matched the users' query intention and terms. The relevance of the page will increase should the terms or phrases queried by the user occur multiple times throughout the page, and importantly in the headlines or sub headers of that particular page.

Popularity refers to the relative importance, measured via citation (the act of one work referencing another, as often occurs in academic and business documents) of a given document that matches the user's query. The popularity of a given document increases with every other document that references it.

As the search engines determine their results pages based on the relevancy of your website to the given search phrase and how popular your website is as a resource and authority on the given key phrase, a comprehensive SEO analysis enables us to get a clearer picture of what needs to be done to improve your online profile.

Ensuring your website is hosted on a server that is up to date and maintained on a daily basis with 24/7 up-time is essential in today's fast-moving online environment. Poor business web hosting can result in a loss of potential sales due to slow loading pages or too much downtime which will result in your site not being visible to your audience for long periods.

As a full-service online marketing agency and web hosting provider, Wootton SEO is able to provide domain name hosting for many of our clients as part of our overall package. All our servers have load balancing which ensures your website is hosted on multiple servers for greater reliability. Other features include; ASP.NET scripting, SSL secure web space, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), custom error pages.

Our web hosting services leave our clients with the comfort of knowing that their website will remain secure, live and protected by our technical team, no matter what technology we used to build and maintain the site.

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC marketing) is a pay-for-performance advertising technique that enables businesses to bid on key phrases used by customers when searching on the major search engines. With PPC marketing, it is possible to achieve first page rankings across all the search engines almost immediately, providing you have the money to do so.

As the Pay Per Click bid system allows website owners to bid for the top positions based on how much they are prepared to pay for each visitor the advertisement generates the success of any PPC marketing campaign depends on two things; the money to bid for highly competitive key phrases and a high-quality advertisement to take visitors to a relevant landing page.

The advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is that it enables you to test the effectiveness of specific key phrases that you may also be trying to target in your organic SEO campaign. By setting a budget, ensuring that those who click your advertisement go to a relevant landing page and by making sure that an analytics package monitors the visitors' behaviour when they arrive, you can quickly build up a long list of effective key phrases to target as part of a longer-term SEO strategy.

With PPC however, it is very easy to find yourself wasting your marketing budget on expensive keywords that generate limited traffic, or that generate lots of irrelevant traffic. There are however a number of features to help you control your paid search spend. These include allowing you to set a maximum to what you a willing to spend for each click, a total budget per day and set up ad campaigns that will only be shown in certain geographical locations at certain times of the day.

Having seen a huge growth in popularity Pay Per Click marketing is part of any good search engine marketing strategy either on its own or alongside an ongoing SEO campaign. With Google accounting for nearly 90% of all search engine traffic in the UK, Wootton SEO can help to deliver targeted traffic through Google Adwords as well as helping to boost exposure across some of the smaller search engines such as MSN and Yahoo!

Our PPC consultants are experienced paid search advertising professionals and can help you to build, monitor and improve your PPC marketing campaigns. Working with the latest PPC technology they can help you to run

Making sure you make the most out of your campaign.
You're getting noticed. More and more people are visiting your site. What next? At Wootton SEO, the process doesn't stop once people reach your site. We run tests and analyse how users interact with your site, improving calls to action, reducing bottlenecks and shaping traffic.