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I am a mobile Personal Trainer who brings my own equipment to your home so that you can workout in the comfort of your living room, or we can train outdoors!

I am also a PT for a brand new boutique private gym the HiiT Hut based in Crowmarsh, Wallingford if you would prefer to train there as they have plenty of equipment to play around with

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I believe in small steps rather than overloading clients with lots of changes all at once. It’s all about habit change, rather than willpower...

I am also their to figure how what type of fitness my client enjoys, whether it’s lifting weights, kettlebelling, running, boxing, HIIT.. etc so that they enjoy it and won’t see fitness as a “chore”

The secret is accepting you are human and that some weeks you will be on it and train 3-4 times, some weeks you might only manage 1-2.. but consistency key... so as long as you are doing something, you’ll maintain that body shape you’re aiming for.

>meeting new people
>that everyday is different
>seeing clients start to change shape both mentally and physically

I’ve had PTs in the past that haven’t listened to me, or not trained me properly and have caused an injury... so I wanted to study and become an honest Personal Trainer who cares a lot about their clients and their specific needs.

>I’d like to think that my sessions are fun, varied and a little different as I own a variety of equipment from weights - kettlebells - bosu ball - boxing gloves - agility ladder - sliders

>I try to be creative when designing my sessions for clients so that they are bespoke to the individual

>I’ll push you out of your comfort zones, leaving you energised and ready for the rest of your day !