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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Welbeeing Counselling is here to offer you support, through what feels like a difficult time.

Throughout our life we can experience periods of upset, which can leave us feeling alone, depressed, anxious, paranoid, angry and the list goes on.


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16 June 2018

I go every month for acupuncture and have for over 10 years and would go without a lot of things to go each month brilliant

13 June 2018

Very polite staff and extremely helpful

4 June 2018

Friendly, helpful staff. Loses a star for limited parking. Wheelchair friendly.

28 April 2018

Friendly staff and relaxing environment for any therapy etc massage, can rent room for any therapy.

7 February 2018

I was sent to this place via NHS referral so can't go into to much about this place.
I got a polite friendly greeting on arrival.
I think the room had been "borrowed " and do not know what other services they provide

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To see others progressing and noticing the changes they make to be more positive. More confident and how much they grow.

The amount of self development I have undertaken has aided me to reach a new place in my life. The Three year BSC Honors degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy has given me insight, inspiration and the tools to guide me to a career which I find most fulfilling and rewarding.

I offer a therapeutic service which is not only to listen to my clients, but also have the ability to integrate creative therapy, using artwork, meditations and visuals. I have a compassionate and empathetic nature, with personal experiences which can often aid my support for you.