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Twickenham KDS

Bagshot, Surrey


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24 May 2018

Really friendly mixed sex group that makes learning Karate really interesting. The group consists of members with different levels of experience and there are many black belts in the class to practice with. I have tried larger martial arts classes but found I am happier in a smaller group as I feel it is more personable and the instructor has more time to spend with you. Really happy I have found this place as the members are lovely and all support each other to aid progression. Would really recommend those that are new to Karate and want to join a club or those already with a club seeking a new one, to attend one of the free evenings to see what the club is about and to meet the members. They are all so friendly and supportive, you never feel silly asking questions. More...

24 May 2017

Great club very experienced instructor and other black belts to learn with!!