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At Torque Interactive, we offer businesses big and small the chance to expand their reach and influence via a plethora of online advertising mediums and various methods of Search Engine Optimisation. Whether it’s brand awareness you’re looking to expand, conversions you’re chasing or just simply more organic traffic, our trained team can aid you every step of the way.

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18 May 2019

The team offered me invaluable consultation and help when it came to optimising my site and also shown me how to run winning ads. Thanks to them I'm getting more conversions than ever on my store. Thanks again! More...


To put it simply, a great website means fluid UX design, fast loading speeds and necessary information that is relevant to your potential clientele. It must be optimized as much as possible for all platforms and must be SSL secured to increase reputability and user trust.

Questions we may ask a client before a project are as follows:

What services that we provide do you feel will be of most benefit to yourself or your business?
What is your business about/what does it provide?
What problems do you find yourself facing on a regular basis?
Where do you hope to be regarding your business or endeavors in the next year?

All of which are asked to get a better understanding of the client and the project so we can better draft a plan on how we will operate.

Once we have the information we need off the client, we will spend time formulating a plan on how we will carry out the project and make estimates on what effect the actions will have on the business.

When we put them into application (for example content creation for a website) we will liaise with the client every step of the way to ensure maximum satisfaction and symmetry of information.

Each service we provide has a relatively simple formula. We put each through the planning stage, ensure all parties are in agreement and gradually implement them in order to achieve results.

Upon initial correspondence with a client we will need as much information as possible about their business. What type of business is it/what services they provide/what they hope to achieve. Like previously mentioned, once we have this information we can start formulating a game plan and eventually start our work.

The major aspect that I enjoy about my job is the fact that I am able to help others achieve their dreams and strive closer to financial independence via online optimization, without the use of extortion. My affinity for online advertising, optimization and more allows makes for a highly enjoyable career move. Nowadays, the rapacity of so many self proclaimed experts in their field results in the potential clients being financially disadvantaged, with the status quo favoring the service provider. In an industry saturated with the aforementioned persons, it fills me with pride knowing that I can confidently help people with their endeavors for fair prices and substantial results.

The inspiration to start my own business started relatively simply. One day I was casually scrolling through Instagram when an influencing page appeared on my feed, preaching the benefits of self sufficiency and the various methods available to fully take control of ones life. Ever since then I have become disillusioned with the thought of acquiring a regular job and working 40 hours a week until retirement. I would rather work double that per week for only a few years in order to obtain a lifetime of freedom. When you have obtained this mindset it is a superpower, you realize you are worth more than an employer can pay you and you begin to understand that if you put your mind to it you can reap the real benefits of hard work. When working a normal job you are effectively being controlled by your superiors and you are in some ways living on their terms. Once you transcend such a lifestyle by owning a fruitful business you are solely in control of how you live your life, which is why I became so inspired to start a business.

Like I previously mentioned, my passion in this business is to help others to achieve their dreams by offering invaluable assistance to whatever hustle they may have undertaken, therefore it is paramount that fair rates are offered. As a result, as a client you will be regularly updated on what we are doing to help you and the expected results of said actions. Perfect symmetry of information is standard and any specific wishes you may have will be accommodated. In combination with the above principles we are highly adept with a multitude of advertising mediums, such as Facebook, Google, Bing and many more will be of great benefit to many users. Our heterogeneous selection of proven search engine and site optimizations will be invaluable to all web-page and online business owners alike, making us a prime choice to help you reach that all important next step in your new career.


We are trained to use Google Ads and all of the websites and services they employ. We can create an ad campaign to cater for more brand reach, conversions, social media engagement and more. We are also trained to meet those same objectives and more on Facebook which utilizes "Facebook Pixel" making use of Instagram as well, culminating a total of over 3.2 billion monthly active users. Finally we also utilize Bing, which is a viable pairing with Google Ads or maybe an alternative considering it is the worlds second largest search engine.

We will meticulously analyse your site/store and note down what could possibly be optimized in order to increase your online search ranking. Just by carrying out SEO we were able to increase traffic to an online store by 14,500% which shows how imperative it can be to a businesses success. Similarly, web optimization is equally important. Your site has to appeal to those who use it which is why we will provide UX design in order to maximize customer or user satisfaction by making navigation of the site and specific processes as simple and as ergonomic as possibl, depending on your site intentions.

Your time is valuable, and we understand that there are many things that need to be done when creating and running a business. That is why we offer a text based content creation service. Our highly articulate content creators will research your service in depth and liaise with you regularly to come up with the best possible text/description for your store or website. This can apply for anything from a small paragraph to a full scale blog post.

If you are just starting out your business then we can help you by creating a website for you, while you're able to take care of the other aspects of startup. We have designed graphics and websites for clients with a thorough satisfaction rate and we are able to implement SEO from the bare-bones of creation for maximum effectiveness.